The Truth About Leah Remini And Kevin James' Relationship

Actors Leah Remini and Kevin James have both enjoyed long and successful careers in Hollywood, spanning over two decades.

Remini has made a name for herself as an actor starring in films like "Second Act" with her bestie Jennifer Lopez, but she's now known for being a whistleblower when it comes to outing Scientology as an abusive and cult-like organization. Once a former member herself, Remini starred in her own series in which she spoke to ex-members about the realities of being a Scientologist. And James is no stranger to the limelight, either. He's been in several comedies like the successful film "Hitch" with Will Smith, and he consistently works with his friend, actor Adam Sandler, in films like "Hubie Halloween" and "Hotel Transylvania."

Above all, though, Remini and James are most recognizable from the sitcom they co-starred in together: "The King of Queens." Ending in 2007 after a nine season run, the show was a huge hit with viewers. Considering that Remini and James played husband and wife, fans must be curious to know what their relationship was like behind the scenes. Here's the truth about their relationship. 

Leah Remini and Kevin James' relationship is still going strong

With such strong on-screen chemistry, fans will be pleased to know that Leah Remini and Kevin James have stayed friends to this day. But it doesn't mean their relationship didn't face any obstacles. Remini mentioned that the two would at times get into arguments over "The King of Queens," which stemmed from the fear that it would get canceled.

"Each time we came out for introductions [to the live studio audience], we'd look up and say, 'One day we won't be looking at those rafters.' We never didn't value what we had with that show, and it came from the fear that this would all suddenly go away. We were never comfortable enough to think what we were doing was good," Remini told Buzzfeed in 2014. But despite their occasional disagreements, Remini told People in 2017 that James was there for her during an extremely sensitive time in her life: when she left Scientology. "He reached out to me and said, 'I'm so proud of you; if you need anything, I'm here,'" she recalled. 

And not only did the stars' personal relationship continue after their hit sitcom, their professional one did as well.

Leah Remini and Kevin James continue to work together

Several years after the end of their hit series "The King of Queens," Kevin James and Leah Remini reunited and starred in a second sitcom together, "Kevin Can't Wait." According to CBS News, James was beyond excited to reunite with his former costar. "To have Leah Remini back on is fantastic," he said. "It's amazing because we worked together for nine years and then we're offered 10, and to be able to have that opportunity to work together again is a blessing."

Unfortunately, the series didn't replicate the success of "The King of Queens," and was canceled in 2018 after two seasons, per Deadline. In her Instagram post about the show's cancelation, Remini reflected on how she was fortunate to work with James a second time. "I want to say thank you to the amazing cast, crew, producers, and the writers of @kevincanwaitcbs," she wrote alongside a selfie with James. "For me to get to work with @officialkevinjamesagain (sic) day in and day out was a Godsend. I laughed everyday, and I will miss that the most. You don't always get a second chance at something that meant so much to you and I did, and I am so grateful for it."

Well, at least fans can still watch the pair be hilarious together on "The King of Queen" reruns.

Kevin James was a generous co-star

Leah Remini has worked with all kinds of people throughout her career in Hollywood, but the actor still says Kevin James was her favorite co-star by far. In her memoir, "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology," Remini wrote, "I had Kevin, who has ruined me for life. He was my first leading man; and despite doing other shows with other leading men, I've never found anyone who could compare favorably to him. When I was acting with him, I felt safe."

Not only did James make Remini feel comfortable on set, but the actor would routinely ask the writers to give her the laughs, emphasizing their teamwork instead of focusing on himself as the star. "I knew that no matter what the joke or the script was, Kevin would find a way to make it better," she wrote in her book. "He was gracious, the kind of actor who would often say, 'Give Leah the joke instead of me' — unheard of in a town full of ego-driven males." Considering each episode of the sitcom had a ton of laughs, both Remini and James clearly knew how to deliver a punchline.