How Much Does It Really Cost To Rent Out Renovation Island?

Thinking of packing your bags and going somewhere after being cooped up in the house for far too long? You may want to book a trip to "Renovation Island." The island featured on the show of the same name has been a dream destination of fans across the world, and it's largely in part of the effort the Baeumlers had put into making the once-abandoned resort into a full-blown paradise.

To the uninitiated, "Renovation Island" revolves around the life of the Baeumler family. Bryan Baeumler works as a contractor, and his wife, Sarah, is a designer. When they chanced upon a dilapidated 10-acre property in the Bahamas, they uprooted their life and moved to the Caribbean along with their kids to try their hand at turning it into a beautiful oasis.

And that they did, as evidenced on the episodes of the now-popular HGTV program. Fans of the show can attest to how stunning the resort is today. Called the Caerula Mar Club, the resort features luxurious hotel rooms, ocean-front villas, and a smattering of fancy amenities. And if you're wondering if you can get the chance to stay in at least one of the rooms, the answer is a resounding yes.

Staying at the Renovation Island isn't as expensive as you think

Not many know this, but the Caerula Mar Club is the first project featured on HGTV where viewers can actually see and experience. "It's the first project on HGTV where viewers will actually be able to come down and see the final result, and hang out with us and the entire family," Bryan Baeumler told The Edmonton Journal in January 2018.

While the resort has gained global popularity, staying there isn't as expensive as you might think. According to the Caerula Mar Club's website, a clubhouse suite costs $385 to $505, while a signature collection suite and villa costs $625 to $1,145 during the low season, or May through mid-November. The prices spike up in the high season, where the minimum cost of a clubhouse suite is $485 and a villa $785. And over Christmas and New Year's, a suite can cost as much as $755 and a villa $1,715.

It's also worth noting that these prices aren't inclusive of tax and service fees and that trips require a three-night minimum stay. It's not as expensive as one might think, but the rooms still cost a pretty penny.

Travelers have the option to rent out the entire Renovation Island resort

If you happen to have a cushy checking account, you also have the option to rent out the entire "Renovation Island" resort and have it all to yourself for a few nights. Due to the pandemic, the Caerula Mar Club started offering guests the opportunity to buy out the entire resort, with rates starting at $32,000 per night, according to Travel and Leisure.

That sure is a whole lot of money, but the experience you'll be getting is quite unparalleled. For starters, Andros, the island where the resort is situated, happens to be the least inhabited island in the Bahamas, so you'll essentially be getting the peace and serenity you need.

Additionally, you'll also get to enjoy the pristine beaches surrounding the resort, as well as all its six private villas and 18 clubhouse suites, chef-made meals, recreational water activities, and a whole lot more. And who knows? Maybe you'll even get the chance to hang out with the Baeumlers, if you get lucky.