The Truth About Cheryl Cole And Prince Harry

Prince Harry has made it pretty clear that he felt head-over-heels in love the moment he laid eyes on his future wife, Hollywood star Meghan Markle. During a photocall soon after their engagement was made official in 2017, Harry admitted that he knew Meghan was the one person for him from "the very first time we met," he said. That same year Meghan also told Vanity Fair that their relationship is "really simple. We're two people who are really happy and in love."

But before Harry settled down with the woman of his dreams, he was considered the most eligible bachelor in the world. Town & Country named him such in 2013, writing, "Harry might not possess a towering intellect — he was a lackadaisical student at Eton, and he skipped university to go to Sandhurst, the English equivalent of West Point — but he is cooler and more appealing than his older brother, sweet as William undoubtedly is." With that said, that's why it shouldn't come as a surprise that one of the most eligible bachelorettes in all of the U.K., Cheryl Cole, did consider dating the prince until she realized just what kind of life was ahead for her if she did. Keep reading below to find out what happened.

Cheryl Cole wanted a "hot ginger" to give her a call

According to British comedian Jimmy Carr, he tried to hook up Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole with Prince Harry. Jimmy says that he came up with the idea to hook up Harry and Cheryl after the prince complained of having a hard time finding someone who was willing to deal with the stress that came with having a relationship in the spotlight. During an appearance on "The One Show," Carr recalled (via the Independent): "Prince Harry had just done this interview at the time saying, 'Nobody wants to be my girlfriend, because no one wants the pressure.' Then I said to him that I had been teasing Cheryl all day saying that I'm going to match-make you two, would you mind coming over."

For Cheryl, the timing couldn't have been any better. During an appearance on BBC One's The Graham Norton Show in 2012, she even joked that she was waiting for a "hot ginger" to call her. She even admitted to having a dream in which she married the prince and became a princess herself. When host Graham Norton cooed that "Princess Cheryl" had a nice touch to it and that her wedding to Prince Harry would be one of the biggest and best in history, the pop starlet replied with, "I would consider Prince Harry," while nodding her head coyly. 

So, what exactly happened next between Harry and Cheryl? Keep scrolling below to find out!

Did Cheryl Cole dodge a bullet with Prince Harry?

Unfortunately, Prince Harry and Cheryl Cole's potential relationship didn't work out as anyone anticipated. That's because the singer and television personality was enjoying single life just as much as the prince at the time. As many of her fans can recall, Cheryl pulled the plug on her marriage to her ex-husband, international football star Ashley Cole in 2010 after it was alleged that he was reportedly unfaithful in their marriage, as detailed in The Guardian

For Harry, being the boyfriend of a major pop star surely wasn't an easy job to have, either. Cheryl was certainly a television icon of her time as one of the best-dressed stars in the industry that everyone looked forward to seeing every Saturday night, according to Grazia Daily. Jimmy Carr further explained to the Independent, "Course he had the last laugh, turns out there was a lot of pressure being his wife. I think Cheryl dodged a bullet there." Given Meghan Markle's own issues with the monarchy, maybe Carr is right about dodging a bullet. Actually, make that a royal bullet.