Why Jana Kramer And Jay Cutler Called It Quits

It looks like ex-NFL quarterback Jay Cutler is still playing the field, as he and country singer Jana Kramer are no longer dating after first getting together in September.

Prior to their brief romance, Kramer weathered a rocky patch after splitting from another NFL veteran, her husband Mike Caussin, earlier in 2021. Responding to reports that Caussin had cheated on her again, the "One Tree Hill" star assured fans via Instagram that she'd "put the work in" and "given everything [she] had," but that it was time to cut ties. "Please know that I still believe whole-heartedly in marriage, love and rebuilding. I just can't fight any longer. It's time to heal," she added. Like Kramer, Cutler was coming fresh off another relationship, after divorcing reality star Kristin Cavallari following a decade of marriage.

Kramer and Cutler were first spotted out together in September on @cocktailsandgossip's Instagram account, perĀ People. Kramer had previously told PeopleĀ that she was "starting to dip my toes in [the dating pool] again." She added, "There's still a lot of work I have to do healing-wise, but I am entertaining things. There have been a few DM slides ... the game's different for me now. I'm not looking to just have a fling. I want to find my person." So, why did Cutler and Kramer decide to cut ties so soon after coupling up?

Jay Cutler might not be over Kristin Cavallari

On October 5, Jana Kramer hinted at her (newly single) relationship status with an Instagram post that joked she was third-wheeling with Jessie James Decker and Eric Decker. "Hi. My name is third wheel," she wrote underneath the pic, which showed her standing by the couple as they kissed in the foreground. A source confirmed the news to Us Weekly, sharing that "she [Kramer] and Jay [Cutler] went on a few dates, but things seemed to fizzle out between them. They're not seeing each other anymore." And if the rumors are to be believed, Cutler's ex, Kristin Cavallari, may have come between the pair before they ever had a chance to really get to know one another.

That's because Cavallari has recently begun seeing "Carolina Can" singer Chase Rice, which apparently isn't sitting too well with Cutler. "Jay was trying to make Kristin jealous by going on this public date with Jana," an insider told People. Furthermore, "he's not happy she's dating Chase and has been trying to get Kristin back." The love triangle got even more complicated following rumors that Kramer and Cavallari were friends ... sort of. "Kristin's been helping Jana throughout her divorce," another source revealed to Us Weekly, though others insist the duo were "never friends." Either way, it seems the waters were too muddied for true love to flourish.