The Shocking Things Katie Couric's Ex-Nanny Just Admitted About The Famous News Anchor

Katie Couric has been reporting on news stories both big and small, uplifting and tragic, ever since she got the job as a "Today" show co-anchor in 1991. She's interviewed some of the world's biggest celebrities, produced documentary films, and hosted her own talk show. Plus, Couric was the highest-paid journalist in the world when she anchored "CBS Evening News." She's now taken on a new endeavor: writing a very personal memoir. "Going There" is a 500+ page book about her childhood, personal life and career. The book has already made headlines ahead of its October 26 release date.

In the book, the UVA graduate divulges details about her time on "Today," admitting that she wasn't very friendly to women on the morning show, as she felt like she had to "protect her turf," via the Daily Mail. In the memoir, she also revealed interactions and experiences she had throughout her career with celebrities like Martha Stewart, Prince Harry, and Jennifer Aniston

Couric also wrote about the nanny who worked for her from 1991 to 1994. Nancy Poznek, who is referred to as "Doris" in the book, took care of Couric's daughter and became an integral part of her family. The Virginia native eventually fired Poznek after she reportedly "managed to grow deep, twisted roots into our family and my psyche, leaving me to imagine I couldn't function without her," wrote Couric, via the Daily Mail. So, how did Poznek react to the eye-opening claims the former "Katie" host made?

Katie Couric's former nanny claims the former news anchor is "not a smart person"

Katie Couric's former nanny Nancy Poznek read the claims Couric made about her and fired back at her former boss. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Poznek admitted she was hurt by the claims. "I was extremely upset. This is going to be in the book forever, it's not true and I have to live with that all the time." The former nanny revealed some not-so-flattering details about Couric's lifestyle at the time she worked for her, saying caring for her was like nannying a "teenage boy." Poznek also said she had to wake Couric up at 4 am for "Today" and revealed Couric would have to study the packet of materials the night before for the next day's show. "She was not a smart person, as in she's studied the packet but Jeff Zucker helped her through it," she claimed.

Poznek also made some accusations about Couric's marriage to Jay Monahan, claiming the pair had issues and that Monahan didn't want to tell Couric about his reported stomach pains. "He wanted to hold on because he loved her. They never had an argument. He knew if he had an argument she'd divorce him, so he quietly kept to himself but this stress," she claimed. Monahan died at age 42 from colon cancer. 

Couric's book comes out on October 26. It's safe to assume Poznek won't be first in line to buy a copy.