The Truth About Kyle Richards' Daughters

In Kyle Richards' Instagram bio, she lists her role as mom first. While it is also noted that she's an "actress, author, producer, animal lover," and of course, a "Real Housewife of Beverly Hills" star, it's clear that her four daughters are her No. 1 priority. Kyle became a mom at the relatively young age of 18 when she had her eldest daughter, Farrah Aldjufrie, with her first husband, Guraish Aldjufrie. The Bravo star later split with Aldjufrie when Farrah was just a baby and eventually married her current husband, Mauricio Umansky, whom fans of the show know and love, a few years later.

Kyle would go on to have three more daughters with Mauricio — Alexia, Sophia, and Portia Umansky. While Farrah was a bit older, Alexia, Sophia, and definitely young Portia practically grew up on the "Real Housewives" and have often appeared on the reality show with their mom. However, unlike some other children in reality TV, Kyle's kids have managed to mostly stay out of the spotlight over the years, which is quite different from their famous cousins, Paris and Nicky Hilton.

While Farrah, Alexia, Sophia, and Portia may keep out of the headlines, the girls are still part of a renowned Hollywood family and of course, one of the most popular reality franchises of all time. So let's get to know each of Kyle's daughters, who appear to be just as fascinating as their famous mother.

Farrah's biological dad

While "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fans know Kyle Richards' husband and Farrah Aldjufrie's stepdad, Mauricio Umansky, from the show, not much is known about Farrah's biological father and Kyle's ex-husband, Guraish Aldjufrie. Yet just because Aldjufrie may not be on TV doesn't mean he and Farrah aren't close. In fact, it appears that he has a good relationship not only with Farrah but also with Kyle and Mauricio. Farrah explained to The Daily Dish, "He's very, very close with my mom and Mauricio, like they're great, great, great friends." In 2015, Farrah even posted a photo on her Instagram of them hanging out in Vegas, where she wrote in the caption "love this."

And while Farrah's dad may live far away in Bali, the two make sure they still spend time together. She dished, "He comes and he stays for like a month or two at a time two or three times a year." Farrah also expressed how time with her dad is much different, saying, "It's funny 'cause I'm an only child at one house and then I have this huge family at this other house, so it's kind of the best of both worlds."

While fans may not see the man who Farrah describes as the "most shy, sweetest, nicest, cutest person in the world" on "RHOBH," Farrah often posts about him. In a special birthday Instagram, Farrah gushed how her dad is "Always so caring, loving, and kind," adding, "I'm so grateful for our amazing bond."

Farrah's stepdad

Farrah Aljudrie may be tight with her biological dad, but the real estate and lifestyle expert grew up with stepdad Mauricio Umansky and has a special relationship with him because of that. She explained to The Daily Dish, "I always say I have two dads; they both raised me." Farrah even reflected that in her 2021 Father's Day post on Instagram where she uploaded photos of both men and wrote, "the amazing men who made me who I am today, I am so incredibly lucky to have you all in my life."

And just like she does for her bio dad, Farrah has gushed about how important Mauricio is to her on Instagram. In a post for his birthday, she captioned it, "​​wherever you are, always having a good time and with the best attitude and energy. I love you so much !!!" In another, she wrote how he's "an inspiration to many, but especially to us, his family and his biggest supporters."

Farrah also works alongside Mauricio at their real estate company, The Agency. She revealed to Haute Residence that she'd been interested in the business since she was a kid, recalling, "When I was little, I would ask my parents to take me to open houses on Sundays so that I could learn about all of the different neighborhoods within L.A." It seems that Farrah is living her best life, not only with her dream job but also working alongside someone she loves and admires.

Her longtime boyfriend

Farrah Aldjufrie doesn't just have her career and famous family — she also appears to be in love. Live Ramp Up reports that the real estate mogul has been dating boyfriend Alex Manos since 2018. According to his Instagram bio, Alex is the owner of The Beverly Hills Car Club.

It appears from her Instagram that Farrah is quite smitten with Alex. In a 2020 post, Farrah called him her "partner in crime" in the caption and added, "The most incredible human. You motivate and inspire me every single day." The two seem to be quite serious too, in that they bought a house together — even if it's just for them to flip. Farrah explained on her Instagram Story (via The Daily Dish), "Alex and I just closed escrow on our first little project that we got together, and I cannot wait."

Yet, it seems Farrah's mom, Kyle Richards, is hoping for more than just a real estate project between the two. In a "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" episode in 2020, Kyle said, "The next party I throw for her, better be an engagement dinner." Kyle does have her reasons, adding, "I want Farrah to get married while I'm young and I can be a young grandmother." As for Farrah, she does see a future with Alex, but when it comes to marriage, she simply said, "I hope so."

What is Farrahween?

When it comes to her birthday, it seems no one throws a party quite like Farrah Aldjufrie, or should we say her mother, Kyle Richards, who almost every year throws a big bash for her eldest daughter. In fact, since Farrah was born on Halloween, Kyle appropriately renamed the holiday, "Farrahween."

Throughout the years, Farrahween has even been featured on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," with one particular big bash being Farrah's 30th birthday in 2018. In an Instagram post that following May when it aired on Bravo, Farrah shared photos from the party that included some of the other "Real Housewives" cast, like Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards. She also teased the episode, writing, "Tonight on #RHOBH I turn 30!! Tune into @bravotv to see all of the fun (and drama) unfold." It seems Kyle went all out with her own costume for the party and posted photos of her Playboy bunny look.

And while Farrah's birthdays are usually over the top, in 2020 it was far more low-key due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet Kyle still managed to make it memorable for her eldest. Farrah revealed in an Instagram Story (via The Daily Dish), "[Shoutout] to my mom for staying up last night to make the lasagna for my little birthday lunch today with my two friends." She continued, "Thanks so much, mom — you always make such a perfect vibe, and make everything so special for my birthday."

Alexia's college years

Alexia Umansky is Kyle Richards' second child but first daughter with her current husband, Mauricio Umansky. It appears that Alexia is pretty close with Kyle and gushed on Instagram about how her mother is "my soulmate, my inspiration, my reason!" In another post she wrote, "Mom, you are so incredible in every way ... You inspire me every single day ... Having you around is such a blessing."

Alexia's close relationship with her family made her choice to move far away from her home in Beverly Hills, California to Boston, Massachusetts to attend Emerson College quite surprising. While Alexia's Instagram grid mostly features photos of her life in California or her travels, she did post some from her time at the university. In 2017, she seemingly shared a photo of her roommates in Boston, captioning it, "Ladies who live together."

Kyle couldn't help but post about Alexia's time in Boston as well, when her daughter graduated from college in 2018. Kyle posted a photo with Alexia in her cap and gown, writing, "I watched my daughter graduate from college today. @alexiaumansky I am so proud of you & grateful that I have the honor of being your Mom." She also shared that she was a little skeptical about Alexia going all the way to Emerson. The reality star revealed, "When we dropped you off at college I thought I would never survive the 4 years. Now you're a college graduate and coming home!!" 

Alexia works in real estate

Alexia Umansky may have moved across the country for college, but it appears these days she's back under her parents' roof. When asked by a fan on Instagram whether she plans on moving out, Alexia replied (via The Daily Dish), "Honestly I'm in no rush. I love my house and my family and my room." She did add, though, "In an ideal world, I'd like to save up for something that's really special."

And it seems that Alexia shouldn't have too much trouble "saving up," especially since she works with her dad, Mauricio Umansky, and big sister, Farrah Aldjufrie, at their real estate firm. In fact, Alexia frequently posts about her work on Instagram by sharing new listings, houses she's sold, or videos talking about homes she's showing.

Alexia may be relatively new to the business, but she already has an impressive clientele, which includes her own family. The real estate agent listed their old Bel Air mansion on the market, writing on Instagram that it's "One I hold near and dear to my heart." She also was hired by another "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, Lisa Rinna's daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin. Lisa explained (via The Daily Dish), "Amelia Gray was in New York and it didn't quite go as planned ... So getting an apartment, going back to school, these are the steps she needs to take to continue moving forward." Luckily, Alexia was involved to help the model make her real estate dreams become reality.

Sophia went to D.C. for college

Taking a page from her older sister Alexia Umansky's book, Kyle Richards' third daughter, Sophia Umansky, also went far away from Beverly Hills to go to college. In fact, as of 2021, Sophia Umansky is living in Washington D.C., where she attends George Washington University.

Yet Kyle did make an effort to keep Sophia closer to home. She revealed to The Daily Dish in 2017 when Sophia was still in high school, "She looked all on the East Coast, [but] I'm trying to encourage California, hello, you've got some really good schools there." She added, "All of the schools ... encourage going off, which I know is a wonderful thing ... but they've got really good schools and a nice, cozy bed at home."

As for why Kyle didn't want Sophia to go far, well, like a lot of moms, it was just because she'd miss her. Kyle revealed, "Sophia has a very strong personality. When she's not home, the house just feels very quiet ... So when she goes to college, it's gonna be a very big adjustment." Yet eventually Kyle came around to Washington D.C. She even posted a photo on Instagram of her, Sophia, and Mauricio in front of the Washington monument, writing, "Our 3rd baby is going to be going off to college. Here in D.C exploring what is going to be her new city." Sophia herself frequently posts photos of her time in the nation's capitol but does seem to post from home a lot as well. 

Kyle Richards and Sophia contracted COVID-19

You could say Sophia Umansky shares a lot with her mother, Kyle Richards, including their birthday month. In January 2021, Sophia rang in her 21st birthday with a small '70s-themed party that she shared with mom, whose big day was only a few days before. The college student posted photos of the intimate gathering and shared some extra-special pics with Kyle, where she wrote, "The best mom in the world and the most amazing person I know ... Thanks for being my soul mate, my other half."

Unfortunately, around that time, it wasn't just a birthday party they shared. A month before in December 2020, Sophia and her mother both contracted COVID-19. E! reports that other ladies from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" — like Dorit Kemsley and Kathy Hilton — also tested positive. This temporarily suspended production on the show. Kyle shared the news on her Instagram, writing, "Some of you may have heard I have COVID ... Since I was diagnosed I have been separated from my family in order to keep them healthy." 

Kyle also added how it impacted Sophia in particular, by mentioning, "Unfortunately , Sophia also got it. We will stay in isolation until it's safe to see the family and others again." It's safe to assume that either Sophia was home from college for a holiday break or that she was already home doing virtual learning due to the pandemic. Either way, at least the mother and daughter got to isolate together.

Sophia and Portia's special bond

Sophia Umansky isn't just close with her mother, she also has a very special bond with her younger sister, Portia Umansky. While they're about eight years apart in age, the sisters consider themselves "best friends." Sophia reflected that on her Instagram in a post, where she called Portia the "cutest, coolest, smartest, funniest, most perfect girl ever. My best friend."

Portia apparently feels the same way and had a hard time when Sophia left for college. During a 2021 episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," fans watched as Sophia surprised Portia by coming home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Portia was overcome with emotion but was then devastated that she couldn't hug her sister since she needed to quarantine first. Kyle Richards posted it all on Instagram, writing, "I feel so happy that my kids love each other so much."

And it wasn't the first time Sophia has surprised Portia like that. Back in 2018 during her first year of college, Sophia made another surprise visit which made Portia scream and cry in joy. Kyle shared that moment, where she wrote in the caption, "The bond these two share." But just because Sophia is away doesn't mean Portia isn't on her mind. Kyle dished to People, "I called my husband when it was time to wake up Portia for school ... and he said, 'I just got a text from Sophia saying: Please make sure that Portia eats her breakfast and you pack her snack for school.'"

Portia grew up on Real Housewives

Portia Umanky is Kyle Richards' youngest daughter. Fans were able to watch her grow up on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," since her mother joined the show when Portia was only a baby. Yet big sister, Farrah Aldjufrie, revealed to The Daily Dish that it hasn't negatively affected her, explaining, "She has this sassier attitude, but I think my parents are just such amazing parents that it hasn't really changed much ... Our core values have always been there."

It appears that these days, Kyle is adjusting to her baby becoming a teenager. She posted a photo of them together on Instagram in August 2021, where she wrote, "Breaking news ... my teenager let me post a photo of us together. I can't believe my baby is almost as tall as me now."

Ironically, Kyle revealed to The Daily Dish that since Portia is now older, she's into watching old "Real Housewives" episodes with her friends. Kyle dished, "She said to me that she does not remember anything about it. This is all fresh and new. She goes, 'And by the way, you all are characters to me.'" Kyle went on to explain how it's even made their relationship stronger somehow. She said, "She said to me, 'Mom, you love me so much ... Every time you leave me, you cry,' ... and I'm like, 'Gosh, this is actually paying off.' My teenager is being nice to me after seeing how much I love her on the TV show.'"

Ties with the Hilton sisters

While Kyle Richards may be involved in plenty of drama on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," when it comes to her daughters, there's nothing but love. It's clear from their Instagram grids alone since they all frequently post about each other. From at-home hangouts, to glamorous outings, and even family vacations, these girls appear to be more than sisters, but also friends. Farrah Aldjufrie summed it up best on her 2021 post for National Siblings Day, where she wrote, "I love my built-in besties so much."

But just because the sisters love to spend time together doesn't mean they don't have other friends — and we're talking celebrity friends. It appears Sophia Umansky is friends with model and former girlfriend of Scott Disick, Amelia Gray Hamlin. As for Farrah, she seems close with former "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" and "Famously Single" star Dorothy Wang since she often posts photos them together out and about.

And let's not forget who Farrah and the Umansky girls' cousins are, which are the famous Paris and Nicky Hilton. While Kyle may have had a bumpy relationship with her sister — Paris and Nicky's mom, Kathy Hilton – their daughters seemingly have a tight bond. Both Sophia and Farrah have shared photos of celebrations with the Hilton sisters, as has Paris, who referred to Kyle and Farrah as "my beautiful family." Kyle's daughters may not be as well known as the Hiltons, but it appears they're just as special!