Why Royal Experts Believe William And Harry Will Be Angry Over The New Princess Diana Movie

In August 1997, the world came to a screeching halt following Princess Diana's tragic and untimely death. Diana, who was widely revered by the public, was known for her undeniable beauty and charming personality — but beyond the surface, what really put her over with the public was her enduring charity work. According to TIME, Diana was, at one point, linked to more than 100 charities and even risked her life by visiting Angolan minefields to help de-mine the African country.

When news of Diana's unexpected death made airwaves, not only was the public was left reeling, but also her two children: Prince William and Prince Harry. The children, who were respectively 15 and 12 at the time of Diana's death, were immediately launched into a whirlwind of emotions — having to mourn their mother's death alongside dealing with the unending public meddling. And during a 2017 interview with BBC, William stated that even 20 years after his mother's death, he still felt "shock within me" (per Telegraph).

Diana's death was a tragedy that so profoundly impacted the world that, even in recent times, she's still being immortalized on-screen. From Netflix's "The Crown" to "Spencer," the late princess has left an indelible mark on society and culture that will continue to reign supreme for a lifetime to come. However, "Spencer" has drawn criticism, with many royal experts claiming William and Harry will be upset at their late mother's depiction in the film. Why so? Here's what experts had to say.

Royal experts claim that Princess Diana's 'Spencer' depiction is 'cruel' and 'gratuitous'

"Spencer," a biographical drama that follows Princess Diana amidst the impending destruction of her marriage to Prince Charles, has received critical acclaim. Much of the praise has been targeted toward "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart, who plays the late princess in the film. In fact, Rotten Tomatoes' critical consensus notes that "Kristen Stewart's finely modulated performance anchors the film's flights of fancy."

However, royal experts Ingrid Seward, Penny Junor, and Richard Fitzwilliams have been far more critical of Stewart's performance. The film, which features depictions of Diana suffering through bulimia, self-harming, and more (per the Daily Mail), has been lambasted for sons Prince William and Prince Harry's potential reactions to the film. Speaking to The Sun, Seward stated, "It is really cruel [and totally unnecessary] to portray her like this. William and Harry will be very angry and hurt ... and find it horrible that their mother is being portrayed in such a huge movie this way."

Junor seconded this, calling the depiction "unnecessarily gratuitous" and expressing remorse for "Poor William," who "was [actually] there when she was unhappy." The expert pleaded to "let's leave Diana with a shred of respect and dignity" and ultimately slammed the movie as potentially being "factually incorrect." Furthermore, Fitzwilliams told the Daily Mail, "It was an extraordinary decision to feature Diana throwing up on the poster whilst dressed in couture" and called the harrowing scenes of trauma "cruel."