The Family Chantel: The Truth About Pedro Jimeno's Sister Nicole

"The Family Chantel" stars Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett Jimeno fought the odds to be together. Per Us Weekly, Chantel was the woman who took Pedro's virginity, and he left his home country to be with her. Their journey hasn't been an easy one, especially because both Chantel and Pedro's families love meddling in their marriage and stirring up trouble. In particular, Pedro's little sister Nicole Jimeno is a firecracker, and her larger-than-life personality makes for some good reality television. 

Pedro and Nicole are the only children of Lidia Jimeno. The Dominican Republic divorce lawyer raised her children as a single mother, per YourTango. The story goes that Pedro and Nicole's dad left their mother, per "The Family Chantel" preview, and it seems as if the abandonment still affects both siblings. Their dad had another family, and he chose them over his family with Lidia. In one past episode, Pedro also told producers (via People), "That's why I [needed] to grow up so fast — to try and take care of my sister and take care of my mom." Pedro was the man of the house, and he needed to step up for the sake of his mother and sister. Pedro's sister watched her family fall apart and grew up without her dad. 

Besides her new boob job, what has Nicole been up to lately? Here's the skinny on the youngest Jimeno sibling.

Nicole Jimeno's choices frustrate Pedro and Lidia

Nicole Jimeno was a beauty queen. "The Family Chantel" star entered the 2016 Miss Earth Dominican Republic pageant and took the title home. She also has a degree in communication, per Screen Rant.  And while Pedro Jimeno may be proud of his sister's accomplishments, she is also the source of many of his frustrations.

In "The Family Chantel" Season 3 trailer, he confronts her boyfriend, Alejandro Padron. Those who follow the reality show know that Alejandro is married, and neither Pedro nor Lidia Jimeno approves of his status in Nicole's life. In fact, Lidia went mama bear on him and attacked him with her bag. Alejandro and Pedro also got physical when things get heated about the former's marital status. It seems pretty clear that Nicole's choice of a boyfriend irks both Pedro and Lidia.

Pedro also thinks that sometimes Nicole acts selfishly. During the isolation period of the 2020 pandemic, Lidia was left alone. Per YourTango, Pedro advised his mother, "Talk to Nicole. She's the one who abandoned you there. You knew what was happening, sister." In the three-way call, he told Nicole, "You knew very well what was going on." Nicole tried to plead her case, claiming, "I didn't do this to my mom on purpose." She continued, "I didn't know this was all going to happen. I never intended to leave my mom all alone. And they look at it differently, that I did this on purpose."

Nicole Jimeno stirs the pot with Chantel Everett

"The Family Chantel" reality star Nicole Jimeno also has beef with her sister-in-law Chantel Everett Jimeno. The Dominican Republic native never wanted her brother to marry an American wife and urged him to wed a woman from his native country. Nicole even showed family and friends footage of a woman grinding on Pedro in what seemed to be a lap dance. Suffice to say, there's no love lost between Chantel and her sister-in-law because Nicole tried to sabotage her marriage, Chantel also had a few choice words about Nicole's relationship with married man Alejandro Padron. "I'm not surprised by Nicole's choice because it's just like her to try to ruin someone's marriage," she said (via Cheat Sheet).

In Season 3 of "The Family Chantel," Nicole goes for the jugular by again attacking Pedro and Chantel's marriage. Toward the end of "The Family Chantel" Season 3 trailer, Nicole parades into a room intent on causing trouble. She utters five devastating words before leaving. "Pedro had sex with Coraima," she claimed. She also took aim at Chantel's mother, blasting, "Look mother, go to hell!" As family members try to intervene before things escalate, security is called, and a police car pulls up. Pedro's upset with his sister and warns her, "You go too far. You're crazy."

Apparently, this is not the first time Nicole allegedly tried to break up a relationship. While her actions may be questionable, it surely makes for some action-packed viewing.