What You Don't Know About Grayson Chrisley

Reality TV has created a lot of famous families (hello, the Kardashians!), and the Chrisleys are no exception. Fans can't seem to get enough of the Southern brood since their series "Chrisley Knows Best" debuted on the USA Network back in 2014. The show follows the lives of Todd Chrisley, a self-made multimillionaire, his wife Julie, and their five children.

Yet as we've seen over the years, things have been far from perfect, with several of the Chrisleys going through their fair share of drama on and off screen. Some of the members of the family have been fixtures in the headlines thanks to arrests, broken engagements, and of course, family feuds. However, there is one Chrisley who seems to be able to avoid the chaos — Todd and Julie's youngest, Grayson Chrisley. While Grayson's dad is super outspoken and some of his siblings can't seem to stay out of trouble (or at least out of the headlines), Grayson seems to be a normal teenage boy.

That's not to say that the young Chrisley hasn't grown up in front of the cameras. Grayson was only 8 years old when he and his family became reality TV stars, and fans can't believe how much he's since matured. But because he is the youngest Chrisley and basically still a kid, Grayson has kept a relatively low profile over the years. So let's break down some things you may not know about him.

Now braces-free

Grayson Chrisley may have made his TV debut on "Chrisley Knows Best" as just a little boy, but these days he's a full-fledged teenager. And with that comes some major milestones, like getting his braces off! Fans got to watch as Grayson celebrated finally being braces-free at an ice cream parlor with his big sister, Savannah Chrisley, and dad, Todd Chrisley. Like a lot of teens, Grayson was apparently in the mood for junk food and ordered a candy-filled milkshake, which he pointed out was "all the things I couldn't eat when I had braces."

Outside of dental work, Grayson hit another turning point when he went to his first Homecoming! Of course, his family couldn't help but gush about the special moment on Instagram. Both Todd and Grayson's mom, Julie Chrisley, posted photos of the teenager dressed up for the big night. Todd even seemed to get emotional in his caption, writing, "his first homecoming and we are so blessed and grateful that God chose us to parent this wonderful young man." Julie, like most moms, couldn't help but wonder, "Where has the time gone?"

Even Savannah and big brother, Chase Chrisley, commemorated the event on their Instagram pages by posting the same photo of them hugging Grayson. Savannah captioned hers, "I CANT BELIEVE GRAYSON IS GOING TO HOMECOMING," while Chase wrote, "Homecoming for my buddy." It's clear the Chrisleys were excited for Grayson to have that special experience, which he got to do braces-free.

In the driver's seat

It's hard for some "Chrisley Knows Best" fans to picture Grayson Chrisley behind the wheel of a car, especially since fans were first introduced to him when he was sitting in a carseat. Nowadays though, Grayson has been learning to drive a new truck, which would be a pretty awesome thing to drive if his dad, Todd Chrisley, didn't interfere. The reality star, of course, couldn't help but bring the drama, even to driving lessons.

On the show, Grayson was seen getting picked up from baseball practice by Todd, who was driving his truck, which to Grayson's surprise was decked out in safety magnets, as well as orange construction flags, and had a cage for his cellphone. Grayson confessed to viewers, "Dad managed to take the most amazing car on the planet and just ruin it. It's got stickers, it's got magnets saying 'Stay back.' He's so extra." Todd defended himself, claiming he just "made some safety modifications."

Savannah Chrisley also seemed to be into teaching her little brother how to drive. In May 2021, she posted a photo of herself being driven by Grayson, where she joked in the caption, "Now please ... don't kill us! I doubt you could be a worse driver than me though." That next month, she shared a video on her Instagram Story (via TV Shows Ace) of him practicing by driving her to the grocery store. For a beginner, Grayson looked quite comfortable being in the driver's seat! 

Grayson and sister Savannah

Most of the Chrisleys are obviously close with one another, but it's clear that Grayson Chrisley has a special bond with his big sister, Savannah Chrisley, in particular. While fans of "Chrisley Knows Best" often watch Grayson spend time with Savannah, as well as big brother Chase Chrisley, from just Grayson's Instagram alone, it's evident how important Savannah is to him. Out of only a handful of posts, Grayson dedicated many of them to his older sister.

In July 2016, Grayson posted a photo of Savannah, where he seemingly tried to cheer her up or encourage her in the caption, writing, "I love you @savannahchrisley you are the prettiest girl ever and already are the winner in my heart." Then in July 2020, Grayson posted a selfie of them together, where he pointed out how Savannah's "been my best friend my whole life and I am glad for that." But Grayson hasn't only made it clear she's a great sister; he also has openly supported her cosmetics line by promoting it on his page.

Savannah apparently feels the same way about her "GrayBug" and has also 'grammed her feelings. For Grayson's 15th birthday in May 2021, she shared of a photo of them hugging, writing, "I am so proud of you and the young man that you are becoming." She also included that he was "the kindest most loving brother in the world!" and that she's "so proud to be your big sister!"

Grayson Chrisley and girls

Some of the older Chrisley siblings may have had some headline-making romances, but Grayson Chrisley's love life has made for good TV. "Chrisley Knows Best" fans got to watch it from the beginning when a preteen Grayson first told his overprotective dad, Todd Chrisley, that "I may or may not have a girlfriend" in 2019. Todd was surprisingly chill about it and was just happy Grayson told him, even though he did ask for "all the deets."

It seems that the romance didn't work out because on a later episode of the show, Grayson takes his big brother, Chase Chrisley's, advice and is seen "spittin' game" to multiple girls. In one scene, he even tells his mother, "I'm keeping my options open, Mama," adding, "I'm in my prime, I can't waste this." That, however, apparently backfired for the young Romeo, since he eventually sought out his sister, Savannah Chrisley, who made it clear he "has to treat girls with respect" and advised him to "come clean" to those he was dating.

While it's unclear if Grayson is still dating around, he did take one special girl to Homecoming since she's featured on both his parents' Instagrams. While Grayson didn't post a photo of them together before the dance, his date sure did on her public page. She's shared photos of Grayson in the past as well, calling him "the best person" in one and captioning another with a heart. So perhaps maybe Grayson does have a girlfriend after all.

He loves baseball

When Grayson Chrisley isn't flirting with girls, learning to drive, or well, you know, starring in the reality show "Chrisley Knows Best," it appears he's into sports. The high schooler actually is on a baseball team and is often shown on the series going to and from practice. Grayson has several pictures of himself playing the sport on his Instagram too. In a photo he posted from July 2020, Grayson showed off his pitching skills, writing, "That moment when you know it's gonna be smoke." That fall, he shared two more photos on the pitching mound, making it clear that baseball is a big part of his life by captioning one, "You know, just that everyday feel of killing it on the field."

Grayson's dad, Todd Chrisley, seems to be supportive of him spending time on the field, since he too took to his own Instagram to post a photo of Grayson in action during a game. But Todd has apparently been encouraging Grayson from the beginning, since on an older episode of the show, he's seen attempting to coach a baseball team for a much younger Grayson, despite his lack of knowledge of the sport.

Yet it's not just baseball that Grayson is into; he seemingly likes to play golf as well. Chase Chrisley has posted photos of him and Grayson, as well as their eldest brother, Kyle Chrisley, playing games together. But we have a feeling that Grayson may be the best athlete in the family.

Is he Todd Chrisley's favorite?

Fans of "Chrisley Knows Best" know that out of Todd Chrisley's children, Grayson Chrisley seems to be the clear favorite. Todd explains it best on the series when he tells Chase Chrisley, "Grayson actually is a good kid. He's an amazing kid." He even went so far as to joke, "He's the love of my life now that I know Savannah is a car thief, I love Grayson more than I do her."

Yet, Grayson has made his fair share of mistakes — he is a teenager, after all. For example, Grayson got caught sneaking out to a party. However, he later admitted to his parents, "I got there and I just didn't want to be there because they were doing stuff I didn't want to do." While Todd and Julie Chrisley were upset with their son, they were also pleased that he was able to make the right decision.

It's obvious that Grayson's parents are always proud of him. While Todd may joke about who his favorite is on the show, he's gotten quite emotional in his Instagram posts about his kids. In one for Grayson's 15th birthday, Todd wrote that he has "grown into a wonderful, kind, caring, compassionate young man," adding, "there just aren't words to explain how much you mean to me." In another post of Grayson, Todd captioned it, "his compassion for others is beyond reproach, @graysonchrisley you make us proud with every breath."

Social media

Grayson Chrisley may be used to sharing his life on "Chrisley Knows Best," but it appears that for him, social media is a bit trickier. While Grayson officially joined Instagram in 2016 at the relatively young age of 10, it's clear from his bio that it was monitored by his parents. It even still reads, "This account is run jointly by Grayson and @toddchrisley, Grayson's dad." Perhaps because of the show's success, Todd decided to create a Twitter account for Grayson in 2013 as well, but made it known in that bio too that it wasn't run by the child himself.

Now that Grayson is a teenager, it's safe to assume he's doing most of the posting. It seems he had to make his Instagram a while ago though, because of fake accounts. Grayson/Todd explained in a 2016 post, "we have set this account up to stop all the folks claiming to be the Real Grayson."

But perhaps Grayson's parents were cautious for a reason. In an episode of the show, Todd, Julie, and Chase Chrisley find some inappropriate photos in Grayson's DMs. Todd pointed out, "He didn't ask for it. But he did respond," adding that he did so "with a comment: heart emoji eyes." That's when Julie confessed, "This is exactly why I didn't want him having social media in the first place." While it's hard to monitor teens on social media in general, it's probably harder when the teen is a TV star.

Grayson Chrisley has grown up on TV

Grayson Chrisley may have grown up to be a good kid who is going through the usual teenage milestones, but he is different from the average high schooler. Not many students can say they've been starring on a hit reality TV show for most of their lives, but Grayson Chrisley has been doing it since he was 8 years old, finding success in show business at a very young age.

According to Grayson's IMDb, not only has he starred on "Chrisley Knows Best" since 2014, but he's also made appearances on "Steve Harvey," "The Real," "WWE Raw," and "The At-Home Variety Show Featuring Seth MacFarlane." If that's not enough, Grayson made a cameo alongside his dad Todd Chrisley, sister Savannah Chrisley, and a slew of other celebrities in the TV movie "Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens." And let's not forget Grayson and Todd competed with other stars like Joey Fatone and Christina Milian on the game show "Big Star Little Star."

While all that does sound amazing for a kid, being famous has had its hardships. Grayson has had to watch his parents very publicly face charges for tax fraud, as well as hear his older half-siblings Lindsie and Kyle Chrisley say shocking things to the media about his father amid bitter feuds. Yet Grayson has seemed to be able to keep a positive attitude and his head on straight. That can't be easy for someone who has to deal with being a teenager and a reality star all at the same time!