How Did Prince William Get His Facial Scar?

Prince William has always had aesthetics on his side. The son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, beauty reigns supreme in the Duke of Cambridge's bloodline. So much so, William was even named "World's Sexiest Bald Man" by People, beating out the likes of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Mike Tyson, Pitbull, and Jason Statham. Regardless of such, it's just another notch on the storied belt of the Army veteran.

Aside from his popular good looks, William has also earned his stripes as a military veteran. Serving in the Armed Forces for seven years, the Duke of Cambridge served as both a search and rescue pilot as well as an Air Ambulance Pilot, according to Forces. You would imagine that serving in the military for that long would leave William with some battle scars. Lo and behold, he actually does have one!

The Duke of Cambridge sports a big facial scar on his forehead, but he actually didn't receive it in service. So how exactly did Prince William get his scar? Read on to find out!

A childhood incident left Prince William scarred for life

Boys will be boys. Play fighting, hide-and-seek, and shooting Nerf guns are all characteristic of a traditional boyhood upbringing. In Prince William's case? The royal children partake in golfing. Unfortunately for the Duke of Cambridge, one curious childhood incident on the green left him scarred for life.

A close gander at Prince William's forehead will reveal to you a massive facial scar — one that he describes as his "Harry Potter scar." In a 2009 interview for CBBC's Newsround (per the Daily Mail), William revealed that, at the age of 13, he was "hit by a golf club when I was playing golf with a friend of mine." He further revealed, "Yeah, we were on a putting green and the next thing you know there was a seven-iron and it came out of nowhere and it hit me in the head."

He also provided insight on the "Harry Potter scar" nickname, stating, "I call it that because it glows sometimes and some people notice it – other times they don't notice it at all."