The View Sounds Off On Erika Jayne's Dramatic RHOBH Season

Everyone has something to say about Erika Jayne's legal woes playing out on Season 11 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," even the women of "The View." On October 13, the co-hosts dissected Erika's drama as Joy Behar noted Andy Cohen "really grilled her" before playing the trailer.

First, Sunny Hostin was surprised, saying, "I didn't know [Tom Girardi] had an affair," while former co-host Sherri Shepherd laughed, "That comes with embezzlement." Shepherd continued, "A lot of them did not confront her. I think it was between Sutton and Garcelle Beauvais who were asking her those hard questions. During the season they were questioning her and I think a lot of the other ones, I don't know if they were scared to say something to her face about what was going on."

Behar, meanwhile, had a different take. "Maybe she doesn't know anything," she suggested. "I mean it's like Carmela Soprano, she didn't know what her husband was doing or did she." After the women touched on New Jersey housewives Teresa Giudice's jail stint as well as 'Salt Lake City' star Jen Shah's legal issues, Behar said producer Andy Cohen could do a spinoff: "The Housewives of Cellblock 11."

It was political commentator S.E. Cupp who brought some extra expertise to the discussion. Keep reading to see what she had to say about Erika's ordeal.

S.E. Cupp has a 'P.h.D in Bravo'

Political commentator S.E. Cupp was a guest co-host on the October 13 episode of "The View" and had plenty of thoughts on Erika Jayne's legal scandal.

"I have a P.h.D in Bravo," Cupp quipped. "This scandal happened and we knew it was gonna air on Bravo and unfold. The whole season has really revolved around the women and Erika wanting to know, quote-unquote, 'the truth' and how much she knew and what exactly happened," she added. "I'll be honest, this whole season I was screaming at my TV, 'Girls, stop asking her. You're gonna get deposed! This is how this works, what did you know, what did she tell you, we saw what she told you on camera. You mean to tell me when the cameras were off she didn't tell you more?'

Cupp didn't stop there, making it clear that "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is must-see TV. "It was really fascinating to watch. That sounds crass because real people are involved and we shouldn't forget that there are victims here like plane crash victims, burn victims, widows," she reflected. "It was really fascinating to watch this unfold in real-time." Hey, no arguments here.