What Does Beanie Feldstein Really Think Of Lea Michele?

Whenever there is talk of celebrity beef brewing amongst the surface, celebrities tend to confront it in a number of different ways. Some celebrities do not give the media gossip the time of day, like Beyoncé, with whom Keri Hilson allegedly had a one-sided feud. Others possess the spirit of Mariah Carey, who famously said "I don't know her" when referring to her beef with Jennifer Lopez. Some celebrities even like to confront the gossip head-on, like Nicki Minaj with the beef between her and Little Mix. But what about when it comes to Broadway actors? 

After hearing that Beanie Feldstein snagged the star role of the Broadway revival of "Funny Girl," people all across social media were practically salivating at the thought of her and Lea Michele having bad blood. Michele is an outspoken admirer and fan of both Barbra Streisand and her starring role in the 1968 film version of "Funny Girl." Michele's character on "Glee" frequently mentioned "Funny Girl" and sang songs from it, even eventually playing the leading role in an in-universe production of the musical, so it's no surprise that the announcement sent shockwaves across social media. One Twitter user said: "Beanie Feldstein has the career we all thought Lea Michele was gonna have lol." Another Twitter user also joked that "somewhere Lea Michele is making a voodoo doll (a Beanie baby if you will)."

People clearly have lots of opinions, but what does Beanie Feldstein herself think about Lea Michele?

Beanie Feldstein takes the J.Lo route with Lea Michele

When it was announced that Beanie Feldstein was taking the lead role of Fanny Brice in the Broadway revival of "Funny Girl," her name trended simultaneously with Lea Michele's. On October 13, Beanie Feldstein finally opened up to Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show, "Radio Andy," about what that day was like. "I didn't know that any of this was happening by the way. And all of a sudden people started explaining it to me, and I was like: Wait, what's happening?" Feldstein said.

In 2014, Michele told Teen Vogue (via Broadway.com) that Ryan Murphy had bought the rights to "Funny Girl" and that "we're hoping to do that at some point." Then, in 2017, Michele appeared on "Watch What Happens Live!" with Andy Cohen and responded to a fan asking if she would ever appear in Funny Girl. "I hope so, I really hope so," she said. "We were thinking of doing it right after Glee but I did a lot of the songs from Funny Girl on Glee so it felt like a little soon, but I feel really ready to do it now so maybe we could do it soon."

Now, Michele is in support of Feldstein taking the reins on such a classic Broadway production. "She very sweetly wrote on my Instagram," Feldstein said. "I don't know the woman whatsoever, but..." Feldstein paused, and Cohen interrupted to call it a "nice" and "happy" interaction.