Why Is Jonathan Cheban Concerned Over Wendy Williams?

When it comes to friendship, Jonathan Cheban seems to have a list of celeb besties at his disposal. The Foodgod once told The Observer, "It's really weird, because I do have a lot of friends who are famous, but I always knew them way before ... I've been friends with Paris and Nicky [Hilton] since they were kids." Per the Daily Mail, Jonathan also revealed why he and BFF Kim Kardashian are so close. "If Kim calls me, I pick up the phone, whenever it is. If I email her, she'll respond a minute later, even with four kids, same with Kris [Jenner]." He also shared that he and Kardashian have only had one fight in their 10-year friendship. Pretty impressive.

Jonathan's also all about supporting his friends. When Kim hosted "Saturday Night Live," the influencer was in the audience cheering her on, the Daily Mail reported. An insider told the outlet, "Kim is really apprehensive about it and wants people there she trusts who can have her back and make her feel like this is a fun experience and not some massive hurdle." Of course, her bestie made the cut because "Jonathan makes her laugh, he lightens her mood." But it seems as if he doesn't limit his compassionate nature to the former "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star. He revealed his softer side when he spoke about his concern for Wendy Williams. Here's why Jonathan's anxious about the television host.

All the reasons Jonathan Cheban is worried about Wendy Williams

Jonathan Cheban really cares about his friends. In fact, he recently told a Daily Mail reporter that Wendy Williams had been on his mind. Williams, who has Graves disease and a thyroid condition, is recovering from COVID-19. He explained, "She is not returning my texts, I texted her twice but no response, I pray she is doing okay and is recovering well." It seems as if Williams' silence is making Jonathan uncomfortable. The Foodgod often appears on "The Wendy Williams Show" and clearly, they have  struck up a friendship. Cheban also pointed out, "She's unplugged right now. I'm sure she's getting herself strong for a big return." He knows that Williams is dealing with a lot right now and may want to just spend some time recharging.

The former "Big Brother" star has every reason to be concerned about William's coronavirus diagnosis. He tested positive in January after the virus "came out of nowhere," per the Daily Mail. Apparently, Jonathan had a less serious case of COVID-19, "but it still kept him in bed for weeks."  The source claimed, "Jonathan said he was in pain, his chest hurt, he had a fever, he lost his taste buds which is a very big thing because he is obsessed with food, that is why his name is Foodgod ... It was very scary for him." Jonathan has first-hand experience with COVID-19, and he knows Williams needs all the friends she can get.