Does Eboni K. Williams Plan To Have Children?

Reality star Eboni K. Williams is a woman who has many amazing life experiences under her belt. According to her website, Eboni was once a TV anchor, a TV host, a TV correspondent, and a lawyer. Now, she currently is the host and executive producer of two shows, "REVOLT Black News,” and "Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams," and, perhaps most famously, is the first Black cast member on "The Real Housewives of New York City."

Eboni talked to Vice about her historic role on the franchise, and what it means to be first and Black in different spaces. "I've found myself the first in many spaces throughout my entire life," she said. "The first in a space has to absolutely be exceptional, and there's hardly any margin for error. Because if the first shows up with much margin for error and a lacking of exceptionalism, they will likely be the last," she continued. "So my responsibility is to make sure that I show up in a way that affords further opportunity going forward."

Eboni has encountered many hurdles throughout her life as a Black woman, which she has continued to conquer with grace. But is motherhood the next thing she wants to conquer? Eboni — who was "briefly, briefly" married once and recently broke up with her fiance Steven Glenn — just revealed her family plans on "The View."

Eboni K. Williams wants to try sperm donation

On the October 18 episode of "The View," the co-hosts and guest Eboni K. Williams had an interesting conversation about sperm donation, and if it should remain anonymous. According to The Atlantic, there has been a rise in children of sperm donations wanting to meet their biological fathers, and they are looking to change the laws that allow anonymous donations.

This topic hit close to home for the "RHONY" star, who was raised by a single mother and who recently found her own biological father. On the show, she talked about how important it is for people to seek out their biological parents, but also let the audience of "The View" in on her little secret. "​​I say that as someone who will very likely, on my 39th birthday, ... start the process of seeking a sperm donor myself, if I have not found Mr. Right," Eboni revealed.

Taking to Instagram in August, Eboni opened up about discovering, at long last, her own biological dad. "And just like that...I FINALLY know who my father is," she wrote in the touching post. "I know his name. I know his loving smile. I know his debonair style of dress, and his gentle voice. This man can never go back and raise me. But simply knowing who he is....and knowing my beautiful and fantastic sisters has been one of the most incredible blessings of my life," she gushed.