How Jerry O'Connell Is Handling Living Right Near His Wife's Ex-Husband John Stamos

Perhaps three really is company too? While we don't actually know the answer to that question, maybe you should ask actor and director Jerry O'Connell.

During an October 25 episode of Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," sworn Bravo-addict Jerry O'Connell revealed that his wife Rebecca Romijn's ex-husband, John Stamos, just set up digs in their Calabasas neighborhood! As Uncle Jesse would say, "Have mercy!"

As you may recall, Romijn and Stamos first wed in 1998, but ultimately called it quits in 2004 when Stamos filed for separation, per People. According to their publicist, the parting was amicable and there were no other parties involved. "We just both woke up one day and it had run its course," Stamos later told People of their decision to end their marriage. They officially divorced in 2005.

But are things still "hunky dory" (à la "RHOBH" star Kathy Hilton) between the former spouses — especially now that Stamos is living in such close proximity of Romijn and O'Connell?  And how does O'Connell really feel about being within walking distance of his wife's former flame? His answer might actually surprise you...

Jerry O'Connell said a run-in with John Stamos would be 'super friendly'

On the October 25 episode of "Watch What Happens Live," Jerry O'Connell revealed that if anything, John Stamos moving into their neighborhood is keeping him on his toes... at all times. "I have not [seen him], but I make sure that my hair is perfect every day just in case I do. I am on the lookout," O'Connell quipped, before assuring everyone that all was good in the neighborhood. "It would be super friendly if we did [see each other]," he continued.

While Stamos once told People (via Closer Weekly) that getting divorced was "scary," it's clear he is in a much better headspace now. The "Full House" star, who is remarried with a child himself, dished on an August episode of Justin Long's podcast, "Life Is Short," that he's "happy" for Rebecca Romijn and O'Connell. "'God bless you guys, good for you. I'm here, you're there,'" he said (per Good Housekeeping), while admitting: "But it took me a long time to get to any of that."

As for being neighbors, both Stamos and O'Connell weighed in on the situation to Justin Long. While Stamos revealed he hasn't "seen or talk[ed] to [Rebecca Romijn]" in the neighborhood, he called O'Connell "a funny guy ... who works hard." O'Connell noted that his and Romijn's twin daughters "are dying to meet" Stamos, explaining that the girls are "infatuated with him because of the 'Full House' thing."

No word yet as to whether the new neighbors are hosting each other for trivia nights quite yet...