The Terrifying Thing John Stamos Found In His House

John Stamos is the proud father of one, and to be quite honest, we love seeing his relationship with his son Billy play out on social media. In 2018, Stamos announced on Instagram that he and Caitlin McHugh were expecting their first child together. At 54, Stamos became a dad for the first time (via CNN), and we all knew that if he were anything like his character, Uncle Jesse, on "Full House," then he would knock the whole fatherhood thing out of the park. It turns out, he has.

The actor shares many photos of his son on social media and can't help but gush over how thankful he is for his squad. "Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask what I did to deserve such a beautiful family. The word gratitude is hardly enough, but I am grateful!" He wrote on Instagram in October alongside a photo of himself, his son, and McHugh. Stamos has also frequently raved about being a dad in interviews. "Six months in or so I was like, 'I love my son, but I don't feel that connection that I always thought I would,' and [Bob] Saget said to me, 'Just wait until he laughs at you one time. You do a joke, and he laughs at you,'" he said on "Good Morning America" in September. "And then Billy did that, and we've been connected ever since." Um, adorbs!

However, parenthood can be stressful, and Stamos' recent Twitter post is extremely ... that.

Critters don't discriminate against celebrities, according to the John Stamos' ... discovery

John Stamos' latest tweet has us feeling all the icky feels. On November 9, the actor took to Twitter to share a photo of something he found on his son's pillow. We'll give you a hint — it was not a tooth for the tooth fairy. "Just found this on my sons pillow," he wrote on the post along with a photo of a massive scorpion. "Anyone want to buy my house?" he joked. Eek!

Unsurprisingly, fans took to the post to comment about the creepy crawler and send their best to John. "Ugh, my old house had lots of scorpions. I once got stung in my sleep – horrible!" one social media user commented, adding, "Did you know they can navigate by stars and can stay alive underwater for 2 days? They are terrifying!" Another user commented on the size. "Also the bigger the less punch they pack. Smaller ones have more venom. They have treatments you can put on the base of your walls to make it slippery and can't climb up." We guess that makes it a little better?

Despite the scare, Stamos still let a little bit of his humor shine through. "Oh yeah- I have some experience with bugs. Hold..." he wrote in a subsequent tweet that showed himself and John Coulier (aka Joey Gladstone) from an episode of "Full House," when Stamos was an exterminator. We're glad everyone is fine!