What We Know About The Queen's First In-Person Appearance Since Her Leave Of Rest

Has it been two weeks already?! Not too long ago, Queen Elizabeth II was advised to rest at the Windsor estate for two weeks following a health flare-up. Her Majesty's health scare, the details of which have not been made public, came as she was spotted using a walking stick for the first time since her knee surgery in 2003. The real red flag, however, came when she was hospitalized for "preliminary investigations," per the Daily Mail.

Since then, the queen has carried out her royal duties virtually. For appearances that would require her presence, she was swapped out with other members of the royal family. We saw it when Prince William and Kate Middleton attended the COP26 climate summit, while Prince Charles toured the Tyne and Wear Metro station to celebrate its 40th anniversary of operation.

It's no easy task being the Queen of the United Kingdom — and when you've been doing it for nearly 70 years, maybe a nice break is what the queen needed. But now, as Queen Elizabeth's two weeks of rest are finally wrapping up, she is set to reemerge in the public eye come November 14.

Queen Elizabeth's first public appearance comes in time for Remembrance Day

Queen Elizabeth is finally coming out of her medically-advised home rest. Royal Central has confirmed on Twitter that "The Queen will attend the annual Remembrance Day Service at the Cenotaph on Sunday." For those who are unaware, Remembrance Day in the United Kingdom is essentially Veteran's Day in the United States, and they both actually fall within a similar timespan of one another.

According to the official royal website, Remembrance Day is held "On the second Sunday of each November" and sees "The Queen leads the whole nation in remembering those who have died in world wars and other conflicts." Furthermore, the holiday is celebrated with "a ceremony at the Cenotaph," which is a World War I memorial located in London, as "Members of the Royal Family unite with others in thousands of similar ceremonies across the UK and worldwide in holding two minutes' of silence at 11 am."

However, despite coming out for Remembrance Day, Queen Elizabeth will ultimately fall back into retreat afterward. Royal expert Omid Scobie notes that, per "her doctors' recent advice, The Queen has decided not to attend the General Synod Service and Opening Session on Tuesday 16th November." Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, however, will be in attendance.