Who Is Taylor Lautner's Wife, Tay Dome?

Amid all the chaos and conflict of the 2020s, it's tempting to long for the skinny jeans-clad days when the only thing covering your face was a brightly dyed emo fringe. But, while the past looks good through rose-tinted aviators, it's important to remember that the 2010s had its own problems. In fact, in the early part of the decade, there was one issue that divided the world: Team Edward or Team Jacob? While a definitive consensus was never reached, it appears that the latter club is finally closed: because Taylor Lautner is married!

The "Twilight" star announced his engagement to long-time partner, Tay Dome, in two super sweet Instagram pics. The post shows the happy couple in what can only be described as a rom-com set designer's wildest fantasy, complete with rose petals, candles, and Lautner looking dashing in a suit. Perhaps channeling his inner Carrie Bradshaw, the actor excitedly captioned the post, "And just like that, all of my wishes came true."

So, who exactly is Dome, the woman who stole Lautner's heart? 

Taylor Lautner's wife has many passions

Everyone has a type. If you were a teen during the "Twilight" era, chances are your type was (and maybe still is) pretty much Taylor Lautner. In fact, even Lautner appears to agree, as new fiancee Tay Dome is the second of his partners to share his name. But aside from their matching monikers, it's more likely Dome's apparent upbeat personality and sweet nature that made Lautner fall for her.

An active poster on social media, her pictures show a love of dogs, the outdoors, and, of course, Lautner. Dome's popularity has led to a successful career as a lifestyle and beauty influencer, with her regularly promoting products on her Instagram page and YouTube channel. But that's not her only passion. According to HollywoodLife, the California-born Dome is a registered nurse, having graduated from the Santa Clarita-based College of the Canyons in 2019.

Of course, her true love is Lautner, whom she declared her "absolute best friend" in her own Instagram post celebrating their engagement, adding that, "I CANNOT WAIT TO SPEND FOREVER WITH YOU." No matter what "Twilight" team you were on, it's wonderful that these two Taylors found their perfect match.

Taylor Dome was initially Team Edward

Society may never reach a collective stance on whether Team Edward or Team Jacob is better, but Taylor Dome knew where she stood back then, and it's not in her husband's camp. Through a viral online challenge, Dome admitted that she used to have the hots for the Knight in Shining Whatever, but we all know how things turned out.

On Instagram, Dome joined in on the "Show your childhood crush, then the person you ended up with" trend. "I think it's time to come clean," she wrote, along with a photo montage of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. The clip then cuts to a picture of Taylor Lautner looking dapper as ever, followed by snippets of their engagement. "Bout time I won something," Lautner joked in the comments.

He also said on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" that he let Dome get away with her former allegiance to the famous vampire. "She's made up for it," he quipped. "I'm allowing her to make that mistake. It's in her past. So, she's good now. But she was not Team Jacob, unfortunately. Still love her!"

The two Taylors tied the knot in an intimate ceremony

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome, both of whom are now legally called Taylor Lautner, exchanged vows on November 11, 2022, exactly a year after they got engaged. The ceremony took place at a winery in California, with around 90 of their closest friends and family, per People. In an interview with Vogue, Dome shared that their big day was nothing short of perfect.

"I felt like I was in a fairytale. Everything was so beautiful — I was absolutely blown away," she said. "As we exchanged rings, I just kept thinking, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe we are actually doing this!' We have dreamt of this day for so long, and it was so beyond perfect." Lautner shared the same sentiment, telling the outlet that he wouldn't have it any other way. "I could've been anywhere marrying my best friend and the love of my life but the setting of the ceremony definitely made the whole thing feel surreal," he recalled. "The sunset over the mountains exactly when we said our 'I dos' made it feel like a dream."

Now that the Taylors are married and are both Lautners, the couple found a smart way to help their circle tell them apart. "We've kind of got boy Tay, girl Tay going on. And that was how they differentiate it," Dome shared in a "Today" interview. "But now I'm always girl Tay, and he's always boy Tay — even when we're not together."