The Real Life Partners Of The Cast Of Floribama Shore

Though it hasn't reached the same level of cultural impact as its Jersey-set predecessor, MTV reality show "Floribama Shore" delivers the wacky weekly shenanigans of a gregarious group of Southern-fried youths willing to drink and fight anything and everything. On Panama City Beach — the border between Florida and Alabama, roughly, thus the name — they fight, they flee, they bring their pigs to set... and somehow, through all the arrests and hookups, the resentment and the family dinners, they manage to be... charming?

One of the major drivers of conflict on the show over the years has been the cast members' romantic lives. Some, like Gus Smyrnios and Jeremiah Buoni, love picking up girls at the club. Some, like Codi Butts, try (and mostly fail) to pick up girls at the club. Occasionally, the cast members have fallen for each other, and they often hide their real-life romantic partners, who don't want to have the ups and downs of a relationship broadcast for the world on MTV. It can be difficult to keep track of who's dating who at any given moment, so get your "Chi Chi's Up" and read on for a rundown of the real life partners of the cast of "Floribama Shore."

Nilsa Prowant's baby daddy is Gus 2.0

Nilsa Prowant's relationship with Gus Smyrnios was the stuff of early "Floribama" legend. The roommates "hunched" several times, but cooled down after Nilsa watched herself back on TV. "[Season 2] was really hard to watch," she told HollywoodLife. "I think there was a couple times where I actually would watch it and cry for myself. This guy clearly does not want anything to do with [me]."

Nilsa went into Season 4 with news: she was pregnant and had a new fiancé, Gus Gazda, who she calls "Gus 2.0." Though most details of his personal life have been kept private, Gazda appears regularly on Nilsa's YouTube channel, where he told fans, "Y'all gotta remember, I've known her since before [the show], and like, nothing's really different about her. She just gets recognized now." He proposed on her birthday in early 2021, and she shared the news on Instagram, writing, "Gus, you've picked up the broken pieces of my heart and put them back together one by one. You never cease to amaze me."

She gave birth to their son, Gray, in May 2021; Nilsa later revealed in a TikTok that their wedding was scheduled for November 2021. Gus 1.0 told HollywoodLife that he knew Gus 2.0 and wasn't upset. "Me and Nilsa lived in Atlanta for a year and a half when I was dating someone else and she was dating the guy she's with. We went on a lot of double dates and group outings and had a great time," he said.

Gus Smyrnios is dating esthetician Samantha Carucci

After things with Nilsa Prowant didn't work out, Gus Smyrnios was hesitant to share his relationship status publicly. The wild-haired country boy and romance novel cover model (for works of literature such as "Dear Stepbrother, I Want You") wrote on Instagram, "I've been super hesitant to put my love life out there for the world because my last 2 relationships were put on broadcast and my heart broke for people to watch them fall apart and watch me crumble." One of the breakups he's referring to was with a girl named Lisa Burns; that relationship caused drama with Nilsa in Season 3. Nilsa complained to HollywoodLife, "...his girlfriend at the time blocked me on his social media, would not let him text me back, would not let him return my phone calls."

Smyrnios is dating Samantha "Sami" Carucci, an esthetician. Her personal social media accounts are private, but her business account is public, revealing that she graduated from Summit Salon Academy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Carucci was grateful for those around her while she was in school, writing, "Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me though all of this ... even through a pandemic! I am so thankful to all the friendships I have made through these past 6 months & to all the educators !"

In his post announcing their relationship, Gus wrote, "I thank you Sami for being so sweet and understanding. You're a true blessing to me, I love you and thanks for accepting my craziness."

Aimee Hall's relationship with Dillon Johnson has been rocky

Aimee Hall has been with her boyfriend Dillon Johnson since 2019. At the start of Season 3, she excitedly told her roommates, "His name is Dillon, and he's a felon, and y'all know I love criminals." Though Aimee has spoken about Dillon's time in jail and his past struggles with drugs on the show, specific details about his past have been kept private.

They briefly broke up later that year. Aimee revealed in a twitter video that they had gotten back together. "If you are a person and you can say that you have never forgave somebody who did you wrong, you are a motherf***ing liar, okay?" She explained that they both "did some f***ed up s**t that just wasn't right," and they'd decided to move past it.

During Season 5, they broke up again, and Aimee threatened to leave the vacation house when she couldn't get in touch with him. "I'm kind of struggling right now. I am really stressed out. I'm having so much anxiety. I want to talk to Dillon right now," she said. Despite packing her bags, she ultimately decided to stay and finish out the season. 

Aimee shared a photo of herself cuddled up with Dillon in March 2021, calling him her "boo." It's unclear what the couple's current relationship status is. At the time of this writing, there are no pictures of them coupling up on IG for the second half of 2021.

Kortni Gilson had to ditch a stalker on the show

Kortni Gilson was part of the "Floribama" cast until she left after three seasons due to mental health reasons. In Season 2, Kortni began the summer in a relationship with a man named Logan Fairbanks, though they broke up quickly. Still, Logan showed up on set numerous times when he wasn't welcome; he came to a bar where the cast was filming and wound up brawling with the roommates. "Put your hands on me so I got an excuse," Gus Smyrnios taunted.

Kortni ultimately had to take out a protective order against Logan, and he was arrested for aggravated stalking when he violated it. Per Starcasm, Logan was also charged with making death threats against Kortni's mother. "He has been calling me, threatening me, cussing me and saying I need to tell Kortni she needs to go out with him again. I told him I wouldn't, that it was over and she would never be with him again. This is when he told me he would kill me if I didn't," she said in her statement to police.

The following season, Kortni was in another relationship. "I have a boyfriend this summer; he's actually deployed right now," she told the Pensacola News-Journal. They don't appear to have stayed together. Instead, she posted a picture with an as-yet-unidentified man in September 2021, sharing a quote from Nikita Gill, which reads (in part): "You deserve to be loved. Even now, with all of your flaws."

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.

Everyone else seems to be single

The other roommates all seem to be single at press time. Here's a quick refresher on some past flings.

Puke-and-rally king Codi Butts had a crush on Candace Rice for years, but it didn't work out. "We decided that... it's not worth wrecking a friendship over," Codi told Jon Interviews. "If I can't date Candace, then I'd much rather have her as a friend than anything," he added.

Who can forget Candace's other romantic drama, her relationship with GatorJay231SouthsideGod? (Yes, that's really the name he insisted on being called). Though the relationship initially provided fodder for the other roommates to joke about — that name — Candace ultimately revealed that Gator Jay had been abusive. "He grabbed my face and shoved me," Candace admitted before breaking up with him.

Kirk Medas brought his girlfriend of two years, Wren Marie, to visit the house in Season 4, just in time for her to witness a screaming match with the roomies. "This is the one thing I was worried about!" Kirk complained. They seem to have broken up since her visit to the show; all photos of them together have been deleted from Kirk's Instagram.

Finally, Jeremiah Buoni's fling with Season 3 cast mate Mattie Breaux was a nice reprieve for the aggro muscle man, though it didn't last. Mattie told HollywoodLife, "I really liked that he was able to be so open with me and comfortable telling me about his feelings.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.