Annie And David Have One Piece Of Advice For 90 Day Co-Star Debbie's Run On The Single Life - Exclusive

"90 Day Fiance" has a knack for drama, but few stars stir it up like Debbie Johnson. The single mother first appeared alongside her son Colt Johnson in Season 6, where she helped him navigate his relationship with Larissa Dos Santos Lima. She instantly became known for her underhanded remarks as she shuffled around in the background of the couple's most explosive arguments (see: the "Who is against the queen will die!" incident, which has since been memorialized on novelty coffee mugs). 

Fast forward to the Season 1 Tell-All of "90 Day: The Single Life," and a star had been born. Debbie was hurling so many insults that Shaun Robinson could barely get a word in edgewise — an impressive feat for the supporting cast. Not long after, the former go-go dancer got a makeover and revealed her starring role in Season 2, which follows the widow as she navigates dating in her 60s. Will she find love? Fans are hoping — and those fans include her former castmates, David and Annie Toborowsky.

David and Annie's story reads like a crash course on how relationships can endure reality TV. The couple went through the ringer building a life in the United States during Season 5 of the flagship series, but they've come out the other side with appearances in no less than eight spin-offs. With great experience comes great knowledge, and the pair exclusively shared some advice for Debbie as she dips her toes back in the dating pool.

Get the dowry, Debbie

Debbie Johnson is no stranger to high-profile relationships. In an episode of "90 Day: Bares All" (per ET), the star revealed that she had "a lot of one night stands" after growing up in the '60s and '70s, including one with the Marlboro Man — but she's brand new to the modern dating game. According to InTouch, she was married to Colt's father for nearly three decades and has lived as a widow for the last 13 years. 

As an older adult searching for love, Debbie's story is one of the franchise's most relatable. It certainly wasn't lost on David Toborowky, who didn't meet Annie until middle age. "It really is inspiring to see [Debbie] get out there and try again," David tells Nicki Swift. "And I reached out to her and wish her the best of luck, whatever may be."

If Debbie does think about settling down, Annie's got just one piece of advice: take the money. "If she wants to marry, make sure she got some dowry," Annie says. "I can negotiate for her, if she need to. Make sure you've got the dowry, Debbie. Don't marry without dowry!" There you have it, Debbie. Perhaps there's a high roller on a poker table somewhere just waiting for love.

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