The Real Reason Sean Hannity Corrected Donald Trump Live On Air

It's pretty safe to say that Sean Hannity is one of former President Donald Trump's biggest supporters. The Fox News host has repeatedly spoken out in support of the businessman and the two have regularly chatted with one another on the controversial network, which seems to be Trumps' go to.

Such a big fan of Trump is Hannity that there were even rumors the news host actually allegedly helped to write an ad for his campaign in 2020. It was claimed in Mike Bender's 2020 book, "Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost," that there was a video referred to as "the Hannity ad" and "the one Hannity wrote" in Trump circles which allegedly only ran during Hannity's show. The ad in question reportedly referred to President Joe Biden as "a 47-year swamp creature" who hasn't accomplished anything and supported a "radical, socialist Green New Deal." Trump himself is also reported to have not disputed the fact that Hannity wrote the ad.

But that's not all. New York Times' Jim Rutenberg even reported in 2016 that Hannity had been acting as somewhat of an informal advisor to Trump. The journalist claimed that three sources close to Trump had suggested "Hannity was behaving as if he wanted a role in a possible Trump administration."

But it looks like the two — who are pretty much joined at the hip — just experienced a little contention on air. Trouble in paradise?

Sean Hannity interrupted Donald Trump

Though Sean Hannity is one of Donald Trump's most vocal supporters, that doesn't mean he's going to let the former president get away with promoting falsehoods on his Fox News show. Well, at least not this one. During a virtual interview on November 23, Trump incorrectly claimed that the findings of John Durham's investigation into the FBI's Russia probe had been released, when, in fact, the investigation was still ongoing.

"The Durham report. You know, it's come out. It could have been a little earlier but it's unbelievably completed. I would imagine..." Trump said, before Hannity made the rare move to cut him off to correct him. "It's not even out yet, though, but I want to ask you about that specifically," he interjected, as Trump continued to speak over him.

Prior to the somewhat awkward moment, Hannity questioned Trump on if he would run for president again in 2024 and asked what he would do differently. Trump then answered he'd complete a lot of things if he were back in the White House, including that infamous border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

The latest interview was one of a slew Hannity has been granted with Trump over the years, with their interactions usually being full of praise. Back in April, Hannity gushed over Trump's apparent impressive work ethic during an interview, saying, "You're keeping an insane schedule, seven days a week. You really don't stop!" (via CNN).

Get a room, guys.