Why Sharon Stone Is Asking For Prayers For Another Family Member

Sharon Stone is asking for prayers again following another health scare involving one of her family members. On August 27, Sharon took to social media to ask for prayers after she shared that her young nephew, who was also her godson, needed a "miracle" to survive. "River Stone was found in his crib [with] total organ failure today. Please pray for him," the "Basic Instinct" actor captioned a heart-breaking photo of River with several wires and tubes connected to him.

Tragically, River did not survive. On August 30, Sharon confirmed River had died when she shared a moving collection of videos on Instagram alongside the date of River's birth and his sad death just over a year later. On September 3, Sharon posted a photo to Instagram of an empty couch with a small suitcase on a table alongside the caption, "The stages of grief." She then posted a photo to her Instagram account of a gift from her friend, fellow actor Jamie Lee Curtis, a few days later.

Sadly, Stone's family is now facing even more turmoil in their extremely difficult year as the star took to social media again while her mom, Dorothy Stone, faces serious health issues.

Sharon Stone's mom had an 'acute stroke'

Sharon Stone shared a photo of her mom, Dorothy Marie Stone, on Instagram on November 23, sharing she'd "suffered another acute stroke" earlier that evening. Sharon asked followers to "say a prayer" for her mom alongside prayer hands and a white heart emoji.

The comments section was full of love for the star, as fans and famous faces rallied around her. "Sending you all my love and prayers," commented "Will & Grace" actor Leslie Jordan with a red heart emoji, while Andie MacDowell used a crying face emoji and wrote, "Prayers up."

Sadly, strokes appear to run in Stone's family and she's supported causes helping spread awareness. "My mother had a stroke. My grandmother had a stroke. I had a massive stroke — and a nine-day brain bleed," she said during an interview with Variety in 2019.

Sharon's stroke happened in 2001 and she recalled the moment it happened in detail during a March appearance on "Today." "The room was so silent. When the room is so silent and no one's running around trying to fix you, that's when you realize how near death is and how serious everything is," she shared. "It's so profound. And I know that scientists feel that it's a scientific thing that happens. And spiritualists believe that it's a spiritual thing," she continued of the terrifying ordeal. "Personally, I'm with Einstein, who believed that it's both."

We're sending all our best to Sharon Stone and her family.