The Real Reason Michael Cohen Thinks Ivanka, Don Jr., And Eric Will Be Indicted Soon

Donald Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen was released from his three-year prison sentence on November 22 and immediately visited CNN. Cohen raised eyebrows during his CNN interview by re-upping his claims that Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric Trump would be indicted. But Donald's former fixer has been singing that tune for several months. In May 2021, after New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that the investigation into the Trump Organization had expanded into a "criminal capacity," Cohen predicted legal trouble for the Trump kids and he had harsh words for his ex-boss.

In a May interview on MSNBC's "The ReidOut," Cohen predicted the former president would turn on his kids to stay out of jail. He said, "I think Donald Trump is going to flip on all of them ... Including his children." The former attorney believes the problem with Donald is that "it's never ever Donald Trump. It's always somebody else." He continued, "He's gonna say Don Jr. handled that, Ivanka handled that, Melania, don't take me, take Melania, he's going to tell them to take everyone except for himself. That's just the kind of guy he is."

Cohen also said that each of Trump kids was responsible for certain properties. Forbes reported that the oldest Trump kids held the title of executive vice president at the Trump Organization. Ivanka left the family business for the White House in 2017. If you think his claims on "The ReidOut" were wild, wait until you find out the reason Cohen thinks Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric will be indicted soon.

Michael Cohen claims prosecutors have evidence against the Trump kids

Michael Cohen believes prosecutors have enough evidence for indictments against Donald Trump's kids Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr., and others in Donald's world. Cohen told CNN, "I believe personally they have more than enough in order to bring the indictments ... yesterday."

The former fixer for the former president continued to claim, "Well, there were quite a few people that were involved. Eric Trump was involved. Obviously [Trump Organization CFO] Allen Weisselberg, who's already under indictment. Don Jr. [and] Ivanka. There were a slew of people that were involved in this. I was certainly not alone. This wasn't a one-on-one conversation with Donald. It was a much bigger group—let's just leave it at that."

But when CNN host Alisyn Camerota asked Cohen why indictments haven't been brought against those he claims broke laws, the former attorney noted that he believes prosecutors are being extra thorough because they know Donald is aggressive in court. Cohen said, "When they do file those indictments against anyone whose last name is Trump and others, that those indictments stick." The previous Trump administration ally said, "The wheels of justice turn slowly, but at the end of the day they do ultimately turn full circle."