Fans Are Over The Moon For Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani's Latest Announcement

It's no secret that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have off-the-charts chemistry. But we're not going to lie; when we first heard the news about country star Shelton's romance with the former No Doubt singer, we were left scratching our heads a little bit at the seemingly odd couple. But now that we've got to know them? We are big fans of their love life and all that it entails.

The pair first met on the set of "The Voice," and since then, they have become one of fans' favorite celeb couples. In 2020, the couple got engaged, and shortly after, they surprised fans with the announcement of their wedding. "July 3rd 2021 dreams do come true !!! @blakeshelton i love you," Stefani wrote in a sweet Instagram post in July. Of course, Shelton re-shared the same post on his own Instagram page, and the two are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

"It was literally one of the greatest moments of my life, obviously. It was beyond what I thought it was gonna be," Stefani told Jade Iovine on her "Tell Me About It" podcast. "The successful people are the genuine people because that man is the same guy you see, no matter who he's with, what he's doing," she added. "I look at him sleeping, and he's the same guy." Umm, swoon! And just when you thought that you couldn't love them more, they made another significant announcement.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton plan to make sweet music together

If it were up to us, we would vote for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to do everything together. Ever since these two linked up, they've had a cult-like following of fans who regularly gush over the pair. The lovebirds hosted an episode of "From Apple Music With Love," where they chatted about some of their favorite holiday traditions, and it comes as no shock that music was one of them.

"The holidays, Christmas especially, is very important to Gwen and I, and we both have Christmas albums," the country crooner explained. "You have the way bigger album, but if you don't mind, I'm going to throw some of my songs from my measly Christmas album." A joint album, yep ... you heard it right! "Your Christmas album is one of my favorite Christmas albums," Stefani replied to her man. "You're an incredible singer, and you sing country music well, but you can sing Christmas music very, very, very well, as well." Is it just us, or did Christmas just get a whole lot better this year?

And if news of the album wasn't exciting enough, the two also made our hearts melt even more. "I never wanted to be anywhere else during Christmas time but home in Oklahoma until I met you," Shelton confessed. "And now I think every single Christmas I've spent here with you and the boys, and it's been incredible." Stop it, guys!