Tristan Thompson Is Stirring Up Even More Drama In His Paternity Case

Tristan Thompson's infidelity continues to make headlines, and this time he's taking legal action.

Maralee Nichols, the Houston-based trainer who has been suing Thompson for child support, welcomed a baby boy on December 2, according to Page Six. She is claiming the baby is his. (The NBA star is also father to daughter True, whom he shares with Khloé Kardashian, and Prince, from his previous relationship with model Jordan Craig, per People.)

Nichols has been making her own headlines surrounding the suit, in which she also requested money for other expenses related to her pregnancy and the baby, per the Daily Mail. She has also accused Thompson of trying to pay her off in order to drop the lawsuit, sharing supposed Snapchat messages of him allegedly offering her money in order to stop speaking out about this.

On December 3, Nichols alluded to new beginnings in a now-deleted photo of a California sunset. "Took this beautiful photo last night of my new town," she captioned the picture of Marina del Rey (via Page Six). "I'm learning to focus on the beautiful things around me instead of all of the negative things."

Later in her post, Nichols added that she's currently in a difficult situation and would no longer "be posting any personal photos [for] a while as I don't want to hurt my family." She also apologized, writing, "I made a mistake. I am human." But the apology, it seems, isn't enough for Thompson — he's decided to take legal action against her.

Tristan Thompson doesn't want his child support case to be talked about

In his latest court filing, Tristan Thompson wants information pertaining to his paternity case to be sealed to avoid further public discussion. TMZ reports that Thompson filed a gag order against Maralee Nichols, an emergency petition that would prevent either of them from speaking publicly about the case. 

In fact, Thompson claims that Nichols violated their confidentiality agreement by doing multiple interviews with the media, posting photos on social media, and spreading lies about him, according to TMZ. He specifically referenced the alleged Snapchat messages, claiming they were forged. Additionally, Thompson thinks Nichols' motive for filing the suit and publicizing her relationship with him boils down to her wanting to achieve fame and fortune. Thompson also requested the court to sanction Nichols over the alleged leaks and have her pay a bond in case she breaks the order.

As for Khloé Kardashian's thoughts on the latest Tristan Thompson drama, she's reportedly not too happy. A source tells Entertainment Tonight that there's "no hope" of the "Good American" founder getting back with the NBA star after his transgressions. (The Daily Mail reports she was still with him when Thompson and Nichols allegedly conceived their child in March.) "She is so happy to have her baby girl and just wants to move on and be happy," the source added.