Is The Queen Allowed To Celebrate Christmas With The Royal Family This Year?

Queen Elizabeth is recovering after a health scare that forced her to scale back on her work commitments. Britain's longest-reigning monarch was hospitalized overnight in late October, sprained her back, and could not attend the Remembrance Sunday service. The queen's medical team cautioned her to take things easy for a few weeks and to only undertake "desk-based duties," per the Mirror. Instead, the queen attended some events via Zoom, according to Glamour. Apparently, she has even been dealing with technological glitches like a pro. Clearly, this nonagenarian still rolls with the punches!

Of course, many want to know how she will spend her Christmas this year, since she's had such a tumultuous year.  In 2020, Queen Elizabeth spent her final Christmas with Prince Philip, per Sky News. Although they didn't know it was their last holiday season together, COVID restrictions forced them to spend the holiday with just each other for company. Unlike previous years, they didn't catch a train to Sandringham and did not host the annual family dinner. Instead, the couple, who were married for over 70 years, opted to spend a quiet Christmas in Windsor Castle.

Traditionally, the British monarch hosts holiday festivities in Sandringham. But will the queen be able to invite her family to their countryside hideout, or will COVID and her own ailing health prevent her from celebrating another Christmas without her loved ones? Queen Elizabeth's Christmas plans have now been made clear.

Queen Elizabeth will host the family for Christmas

This year, there's a festive Christmas display at Windsor Castle. Besides a 20-foot Christmas tree and cheerful decorations, there is also a special costume display from Christmas pantomimes that Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret, had performed in as teens. However, the queen doesn't usually spend her holidays at Windsor Castle, but she may host the traditional Christmas pre-lunch at this abode this year.

It also appears as if the monarch will play host to her family as she's set to spend the holidays at Sandringham estate in Norfolk, per People. That is unless new British coronavirus restrictions are put in place before Christmas. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may not attend, royal family members will unite as they celebrate their first Christmas without Prince Philip. An insider told the Mirror, "This year, more than ever, it is incredibly important to Her Majesty to be surrounded by her loved ones." After all, the monarch is still grieving the loss of her husband. 

They also hope that "the family get-together will be the perfect tonic" for the queen since she has had to cancel many public engagements because of her health. However, the monarch is "totally committed to hosting everyone." In fact, the incentive of spending time with them on Christmas has her "resting under doctors' orders with the intention of being able to fully enjoy the company of her extended family over the holiday period."