Piers Morgan Completely Lashes Out At Ben Affleck

Currently, when one invokes the name of tabloid journalist and media personality Piers Morgan, the image of an outspoken TV host — and his frequent tirades against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry — might initially come to mind. But according to a recent op-ed Morgan published with the Daily Mail, the presenter's latest subject of ire is someone different. This time, it's none other than Ben Affleck.

Though coverage of Affleck throughout 2021 has mostly focused on his resuscitated relationship with Jennifer Lopez — one which the public has endearingly and nostalgically deemed "Bennifer 2.0" — Morgan's piece on Affleck was made in reaction to the "Argo" star's recent interview with Howard Stern. It also largely focused on comments Affleck made to Stern concerning his ex-wife, actor Jennifer Garner — who Affleck appeared to in some way blame for his substance abuse.

When Stern asked Affleck about what his life would be like had he and Garner not divorced in 2016, Affleck replied (via the Daily Mail): "I probably still would've been drinking, adding, "part of why I started drinking was because I was trapped [in my marriage]." His remarks were ones that Morgan, citing his own previous divorce, didn't take kindly to.

Piers Morgan trashed Ben Affleck for blaming Jennifer Garner for his drinking

In his response to Ben Affleck purportedly blaming his ex-wife Jennifer Garner for issues related to his (Affleck's) alcoholism, Piers Morgan lambasted the actor for pitting the blame for his substance use on others. After chiding Affleck for airing the intimacies of his divorce with Garner, Morgan released the figurative hounds in his latest op-ed for the Daily Mail. "That's why you got blind drunk every night? It was all Jennifer's fault for trapping you?" the tabloid journalist asked both sarcastically and rhetorically, before citing Affleck's previous public comments about his alcoholism. (As Morgan noted, Affleck's first attempt at sobriety occurred years before he and Garner wed.) Morgan then concluded: "Affleck did what he's done throughout his life — he blamed someone else for his own behavior."

Interestingly, it seems that many who have largely disagreed with Morgan's past tirades actually feel the same way as he does about this particular situation. "I was rooting for Ben Affleck but to blame his drinking on his marriage to Jennifer Garner is so silly," tweeted author and feminist icon Roxane Gay (though she did not respond to Morgan's article directly). "She dried his a** out multiple times!" Gay continued. "After they broke up even. Mmmmm."

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