Erin Napier Shares Heartwarming New Details About Meeting Her Husband

We didn't think we could love the stars of "Home Town" any more than we already did — but we were wrong! Erin Napier shared heartwarming new details about meeting her husband Ben on Instagram, and it's one of the sweetest tributes we've ever read. One of the reasons fans watch Erin and Ben on "Home Town" is because they keep it real and make such a good team. Ben and Erin do special little things for each other, focusing on the daily moments that make up life.

These two didn't seek the spotlight, unlike many reality TV stars. In a People interview, Erin said, "We never expected this. Getting a TV show never even crossed our minds." The Laurel, Mississippi couple told the outlet that HGTV reached out to them after following them on Instagram. Erin had never even watched the channel before being approached about making a TV show! "I never really watched HGTV before. We weren't big TV watchers at all," Erin told But Erin and Ben wanted to do the show to draw attention to Laurel. "Anything that can draw some positive attention to our town, we're game," Erin said. HGTV announced the sixth season of "Home Town" is coming in 2022, along with multiple spin-offs of the hit show.

While you wait for that new season, you can read Erin's latest Instagram post. It features a personal story, which will melt your heart.

Why Erin Napier loves her husband Ben so much

Ben and Erin Napier's marriage is amazing. Erin posted the sweetest tribute to her husband Ben on Instagram. Buckle in and grab a tissue. Erin wrote, "Ben Napier and I circled each other before we ever really met. Actually, it's more accurate to say I circled him like a moon in his orbit. I admired him from afar, thinking I'd never be the kind of girl he'd notice. I was quiet and didn't seek out the spotlight; that seemed to belong to him." She also noted that the caption is excerpted from the couple's book "Make Something Good Today."

The "Home Town" star continued, "I saw him lead the rowdy Fall Freeze midnight breakfast parties, raise money for student government, usually with a beauty queen or cheerleader waiting nearby. I watched him find the one person eating alone in the student union and pull up a chair beside him or her." She described Ben as "popular, but not exclusive" and explained, "that's why I loved him before I even knew him."

Erin continued to describe her husband as "the center of attention no matter where he went," adding, "I kept a cool distance the few times we spoke. I put a lot of energy into pretending I was putting in none. It didn't seem as though it would matter anyway. We seemed to occupy two distant shores of a gigantic sea, much too far to ever cross." Erin finished by telling followers it's been 17 years since they met, and they "fell in love after 6 days of knowing each other." Aren't you glad we told you to get a tissue?