How Did LeBron James Really Get His Famous Nickname?

LeBron James may be one of the most famous athletes ever to play professional basketball in the NBA. However, how much do you really know about him? If you're a hardcore fan, then you might be aware of the fact that James is worth quite a bit of money and that he happens to live in a seriously pricey home. You might also know all about the fact that he's gone through a major transformation over the years and has a son that looks just like him. On top of that, you may also be intrigued when it comes to the details of his name.

The basketball star was born back on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio, according to Britannica. When he made his way into the world, he was named LeBron Raymone James by his mom, Gloria James, per the NBA. Of course, that's not the only name he's come to be known by. He also has a very well-known nickname and you're surely curious about how he got his memorable moniker. On top of that, you're surely interested to find out about the other names that this basketball star has collected during his time on the court, and to be honest, while some of them are both impressive and awesome, others are, er, somewhat embarrassing and not exactly nice.

'King James' is a name with ancient royal roots

If you're following LeBron James on social media, then you could probably tell your friends that both his Instagram and Twitter handles are @KingJames. However, King James is more than just the name he uses online. That's also his most famous nickname.

Anyone who's familiar with history will know that King James was a ruler of both Scotland and England, who lived from 1566 to 1625, according to the BBC. As notes, there's even a King James Version of the Bible. However, while the basketball player's nickname may be a play on the famous biblical figure, his nickname doesn't really have anything to do with the ancient royal.

Instead, Essentially Sports explains that although there are plenty of claims when it comes to how the athlete first earned his moniker, there's a general assumption that he gave it to himself. It was apparently his confidence in his playing ability that led him to deem himself as the king of the (basketball) court. Others think that it was members of the media who came up with the catchy name. Either way, it's stuck and has definitely become his most famous nickname, although it's certainly not the only one.

LeBron James has plenty of other nicknames

LeBron James may have one of the most recognizable names in professional sports not to mention a notable nickname, King James. However, when you're as famous as this particular basketball star, you tend to collect a string of nicknames.

That's certainly true of James who you might also know as L-Train, which is a name that came from his former teammate Austin Carr, according to Essentially Sports. On top of that, you might also call him The Akron Hammer, The Little Emperor, and The Chosen One. The latter name came from Sports Illustrated who gave him that title when he was their cover star.

Of course, people tend to come up with their own nicknames for the basketball player, particularly when they're less than thrilled with how he's doing on the court. Just a few of the questionable and cringe-worthy monikers include LeBaby James, LeBonehead James, and LeChicken James, according to SB Nation. That's not to mention LeFlop James, LeEgo James, and LeWhiner James. Yeah, they're not subtle and not terribly clever. No wonder he prefers King James.