How Many Grandchildren Does Angela Lansbury Have?

There are few Hollywood types that can beat the legacy of someone like Dame Angela Lansbury. Now in her mid-90s, Lansbury is still going strong in a career she's held since she was just a teenager. It was clear from the jump that she was a unique talent. In his book "On Cukor," director George Cukor (who directed Lansbury in 1944's "Gaslight") said of the actor (via Variety), "On the first day of shooting, even though she was only 17 and had no experience, she was immediately professional. She became this little housemaid–even her face seemed to change. Suddenly, I was watching real movie acting."

Whether fans know her as Mrs. Potts from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," Jessica Fletcher from "Murder, She Wrote," her variety of roles in musical theater, or the countless other roles she's taken in her nearly eight-decade career, Lansbury is a household name. Her own household knows her high-profile life all too well as both her first husband Richard Cromwell and second husband Peter Shaw were actors as well. Even one of Lansbury's children, Anthony Pullen Shaw, has performance in his veins with a variety of credits to his name, according to IMDb. But what about Lansbury's grandchildren? How many does she have and what are they up to?

Family is one of Angela Lansbury's 'biggest joys'

Angela Lansbury has no children from her short lived marriage to Richard Cromwell, but has two children with her second husband Peter Shaw, who passed away in 2003, as well as a stepson from Shaw's previous marriage, according to The List. Lansbury's son Anthony Pullen Shaw and his wife Lee Speer Webster have three children together: Peter John Shaw, Katherine Beeson Shaw, and Ian Lansbury Shaw.

A few years ago, Lansbury even became a great grandmother, thanks to Peter and his wife. When she spoke to Woman & Home at the time, it was obvious being a grandmother suits her. She told the magazine, "One of the biggest joys for me right now is my family. I've just become a great-grandma for the first time ... now that feels pretty wonderful. And of course, I'm doing all the spoiling. If there's one thing I want more time for at this stage of my life, it's them." How sweet is that?

Angela Lansbury 'always puts family first'

Ahead of her 96th birthday in October 2021, Angela Lansbury told Closer Weekly that she was looking forward to spending her big day at home. "I feel fortunate, indeed, to be able to celebrate with my dearest family here in California," she shared with the magazine. While the actor is still doing projects here and there, per her IMDb page, spending time with family is something that is really important to her right now.

Lansbury's stepson David Shaw told Closer Weekly, "As she's getting older, she wants to be with her kids and grandkids. She's a great lady. She always puts family first." For fellow '90s Disney fans, it's heartening to know that the voice behind the lovable Mrs. Potts is as dedicated to her family as her on-screen persona. Perhaps there will be more great-grandkids in the famed actor's future, but until then she will certainly enjoy time with the ones she has.