How Do Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Really Act When The Cameras Aren't Rolling?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are the hottest It Couple in Hollywood at the moment. Although neither parties have yet to confirm, they have reportedly been dating for months now. They were first spotted holding hands at Knott's Scary Farm in October, and they have been inseparable ever since.

The reality star and comedian have been photographed hanging out on multiple occasions, but more often than not, they're with other people. According to a Page Six insider, it's Kim's decision to have group dates with Davidson, so her ex-husband Kanye West won't throw a fit. "The group outings are to spare Kanye's feelings. Kim doesn't want to do what her sister [Kourtney Kardashian] does with Travis [Barker], the non-stop PDA photos," the source revealed. "[Kim] thinks hanging out in a group makes it seem more casual. She wants to keep Kanye from being hurt and devastated."

It won't be long until we see how the two really are when they're together, as it was reported that their recent date in Staten Island was filmed for the Kardashians' new show on Hulu, per The Sun. But if you're dying to know, an insider dished that they're sweet in real life.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are comfortable with each other

According to an insider close to the couple, it seems like Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been together for a long time, although it has only really been a few months. "[Kim and Pete] are both really cuddly and affectionate with each other," the source told People. "They seem more comfortable than couples who have been together a long time. Kim is obviously very happy with him."

Kim, who's in the middle of a divorce with rapper Kanye West, also thinks that Davidson is a breath of fresh air. "He's exactly what Kim needed after her divorce — someone to make her laugh and just have a fun time with," the insider added. "The end of her marriage was a very dark time for her and Pete has been the best antidote."

And while people around them think they act like they've been together for a while, another source said that they're not rushing into anything. "Kim and Pete are getting serious. Things have definitely escalated quickly but in a healthy, fun way," they told Us Weekly. "Right now, they are just enjoying their time together and seeing where things go."