Here's What Kathie Lee Gifford Looks Like Without Makeup

Kathie Lee Gifford is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous stars in the game. The star, who was born in 1953, has been a staple on our screens for decades now but is probably best known for spending more than 10 years at the side of Regis Philbin on the ever-popular morning show "Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee," which is now better known as "Live with Kelly and Ryan" (now hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest).

The star has defied her age for many, many years now, with fans regularly shocked by just how youthful the TV star actually looks, as she's continued to show off her ageless beauty during her various TV gigs. Of course, she formerly woke up America morning after morning for several years on "Today" alongside Hoda Kotb, where viewers were regularly entertained by their third hour antics.

Since then, big things have been happening for Gifford — including the announcement that she's about to be a grandma! The TV personality confirmed in December that her son and his wife are expecting their first child together, though Gifford has been a step-grandmother for years to her late husband, Frank Gifford's, children's children. 

But while we know this glama is a fan of the glam squad (hey, who isn't?) what does she really look like without makeup?

Kathie Lee went makeup free on TV!

Let's throw it back to 2010 when Kathie Lee Gifford was still a staple on "Today" alongside Hoda Kotb. Fans of the NBC morning show may remember that a slew of the show's famous faces — including Gifford, Kotb, Meredith Vieira, Ann Curry, Natalie Morales, Bobbie Thomas, Sara Haines, and Maria Menounos — all went makeup-free on live TV as a segment titled "Today"'s "No Makeup Zone" aired.

Kotb and Gifford could first be seen with their backs to the cameras before turning around to hide their faces being large sunglasses. They then explained they wanted fans to see what it takes for them to get camera ready, as a VT showed the duo in the makeup chair.

Then came the big reveal as the segment returned to a live shot of them in the studio looking seriously stunning without a stitch of makeup. "Here I am, bare and unafraid. The way I go through life. It's the way I roll," Gifford said, but also admitted that it made her feel "vulnerable." The two later opened up about going makeup-free in front of the nation while speaking to TV Newser, where Kotb admitted it made her feel "empowered." Gifford then added, "I feel relieved. Relieved that people received in the spirit in which we did it." 

One thing's for sure, the beauty of these two certainly isn't just skin deep!

Kathie Lee keeps it casual and makeup-free

While it was a pretty big deal for Kathie Lee Gifford (who's been dishing on her new man, by the way!) to go makeup-free on "Today" back in 2010, it seems like the star has gotten a little more used to the bare-faced life since then. The star has shared a number of snaps on social media of her sporting a more natural look while spending time with her nearest and dearest.

In a stunning shot posted to Instagram in July, Gifford cuddled up to her dog, Bambino, by the water. She appeared to ditch the cosmetics but rocked oversized sunglasses. In another snap shared via Instagram the month prior, she spent some time with her girlfriends, again next to the water, and flashed her stunning smile as her blemish-free skin glowed. She also spent some time sans-makeup after being adorably reunited with her dogs while playing outside in November 2019.

But while it seems like the star has no problem showing off her natural beauty (and who could blame her?) if you were hoping to copy Gifford's more glam makeup looks she's also been pretty candid about that too. In 2015, Today's makeup artist Mary Kahler revealed all about the star's signature makeup look and revealed exactly how she got Gifford glam every morning on the show while revealing some of her favorite products.

With or without makeup, Kathie Lee Gifford is one age-defying beauty!