Teen Mom Moments That Make Us Love It Even More

Anyone who's watched "Teen Mom" or "Teen Mom 2" since the beginning has definitely seen plenty of drama over the years. Some of those moments had to do with the teen parents arguing with each other. Others came about during reunion episodes when there was infighting among the cast. But alongside the not-so-happy interactions, there are plenty of touching, cute, and inspiring scenes that make us love the shows even more. One might say the best reality TV has a proper balance of drama and heartfelt moments, and hey, that could be part of the reason why both series have been on for so long: "Teen Mom," now called "Teen Mom OG," began in 2009 and "Teen Mom 2" in 2011.

We've gathered a few of those aforementioned wonderful moments. Some scenes have to do with romance, some show the tight relationship between parent and child, and others have to do with a cast member accomplishing a goal. Like we said, a lot has happened on the two reality programs throughout the seasons, and we bet even the most ardent of "Teen Mom" fans don't remember everything that's gone down. Get ready to have your memory joggled a bit as we revisit some "Teen Mom" moments that are sure to tug at your heartstrings. Heck, you might shed a few tears as well. Let's get into it.

Tyler Baltierra's wedding vows

Why are tissues often needed at weddings? Maybe it's the mere idea of two people deciding to spend forever together that chokes guests up. Or, it could be that friends and family members of the couple are crying over the end of an era since both people marrying are saying goodbye to their old lives in a way. At Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell's wedding, which was on August 22, 2015, tears fell when Tyler delivered deep, heartfelt words during his vows.

"To becoming parents and building a household together, to playfully goofing around together like children as if no one is watching. All of these things and many more is the reason I want to make a promise to you: I promise that as long as I'm alive you will never be alone, you will never question if you are beautiful, you will never doubt that you are worthy, and you will never wonder if you are loved," he said. And then, the waterworks began. "You are my angel, my soulmate, my best friend. I believe you were brought in this world and destined to be loved by me, cherished by me."

Catelynn's vows were also touching, as she talked about always wanting to marry Tyler since they met in middle school. As of December 2021, the "Teen Mom OG" couple is still going strong and have four daughters together, with their first, Carly Davis, being adopted.

Kailyn Lowry's heartfelt wedding moment

The day was September 21, 2013. The place? Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. The event? The wedding of "Teen Mom 2" stars Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin. As In Touch Weekly recounted, they met and started dating after Javi kept coming to her mall job in Pennsylvania. The two got engaged in 2012 and were hitched in a courthouse ceremony that same year

They postponed their big wedding bash until 2013. Kailyn was pregnant with her second child at the wedding, and she walked down the aisle with her firstborn, Isaac. When Isaac, who Kailyn shares with ex Jo Rivera, saw his mom crying at the ceremony, he asked, "What happened to your eyes?" (via Radar Online). Of course, these tears were far from sad ones, and Kailyn replied, "You're making me so happy." The two then made their way into the ceremony where a smiling Javi waited with his groomsmen.

Javi and Kailyn divorced in 2016, and Kailyn went on to welcome sons Lux and Creed with on-again-off-again boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Briana DeJesus shows her ex support

Just because two parents have a history of bickering, it doesn't mean that one can't help the other in a time of need. That could be the reasoning that "Teen Mom 2's" Briana DeJesus used when she helped Devoin Austin, the father of her eldest daughter, Nova. The former couple was already broken up and at odds by the time Briana first appeared in her "16 and Pregnant" episode. What's more, Briana has called her ex a deadbeat dad on a consistent basis, and he's even taken to Instagram Stories (In Touch) to accuse her of creating that narrative just for her storyline. 

But in one "Teen Mom 2" episode, the pair suspended their ongoing beef when Devoin was having a difficult time. So, Briana allowed him to live with her for a spell and invited him to stay longer if he needed it. "I appreciate y'all for allowing me to help and for helping me," Devoin told Briana, to which she replied, "At the end of the day you're here, she loves that you're here, so if you need to stay ... so you can be there for her ... She loves you so much ... Nova, like, needs you." Without missing a beat, Devoin replied, "I need her."

The two would eventually continue with their arguing ways, but in that moment, they showed "Teen Mom 2" viewers — as well as themselves — that they care about each other on some level.

Maci Bookout trip to Catelynn Baltierra

Sometimes lending an ear and revealing your own misfortune is the best thing one can do for a friend who's struggling. That seemed to be the case when "Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout visited castmate Catelynn Baltierra while she was in an Arizona treatment facility after suffering a miscarriage. Maci traveled all the way from her Tennessee dwellings to visit, per People.

After Maci asked about why she checked into the facility, Catelynn replied, "Me and Tyler actually got pregnant and then I got a miscarriage." Maci opened up about her own miscarriage, revealing that she didn't tell her husband Taylor McKinney about it for two months.

"I think I was just afraid," Maci explained, while Catelynn and husband Tyler Baltierra listened. "Almost like, 'What he doesn't know won't hurt him.' But then it just got to a point where I realized I couldn't, like, deal with it by myself." Afterward, Tyler said although their unborn baby wasn't fully developed, the baby developed in their hearts so he understands Maci's pain.

A lot of folks seemed touched by Maci's visit and loved how she came to Arizona to support Catelynn. "Maci is such a wholehearted and selfless person. I've always loved her," one person shared in the YouTube comments section. "I love the friendship that they have made," wrote someone else. "I love to see them being there for each other when they are in need."

Leah Messer's daughter's request

After Leah Messer and ex Corey Simms had twin daughters and divorced, Leah tied the knot with Jeremy Calvert in 2012. They split three years later after welcoming a girl named Addie. As fans of the show are probably aware, Addie has quite the outgoing personality and she shoots off more funny one-liners than a sitcom star. In one episode, for example, she wanted her parents, who were already divorced, to smooch. At least that's the way it appeared based on what she said while they were having a conversation in Jeremy's kitchen.

"You don't want to miss the sunset with you two kissing," Addie told her folks, who looked at each other with confusion. Leah then told her daughter she and Jeremy were just talking, but Addie didn't give up on her plans. "I said when the sun sets," she stated, which made both of her parents chuckle. After Jeremy, Leah dated a fellow named Jason Jordan but they split in March of 2019. In September 2021, the "Teen Mom 2" star announced  on Instagram that she's in a relationship with U.S. Army Officer and West Virginia University grad student Jaylan Mobley.

Catelynn Lowell's huge surprise

Do you want to see two people express pure joy and excitement? Then check out a "Teen Mom OG" scene when Catelynn Baltierra came home from an Arizona treatment facility and surprised her husband Tyler Baltierra and their daughter Nova. Before she returned, Catelynn was away at rehab for 40 days after suffering a miscarriage, per Us Weekly. In the heartwarming scene, Catelynn walked to the door of her and Tyler's Michigan residence before making her big announcement.

"Honey, I'm home," she yelled in the entryway. Her husband, who was sitting in another room and couldn't see Catelynn, looked both shocked and confused. Nova, on the other hand, wasn't baffled at all and correctly identified the mystery person. Tyler still wasn't convinced Catelynn was home, but when he finally saw his wife, his joy shot through the roof and the couple had a long, passionate embrace. Nova then dove on top of her parents in pure delight. The scene showed how much Catelynn's family missed her but it also displayed the tight bond between the young married couple.

Cory Wharton's reunion with his daughter

There are very few bonds as special as the one between a dad and his daughter. That was displayed when "Teen Mom OG" star Cory Wharton returned from filming MTV's "The Challenge" and reunited with his 4-year-old daughter Ryder. But he just didn't show up at the house where she lives with mom Cheyenne Floyd. Instead, he made a whole event out of it and Cheyenne, as well as her partner Zach Davis, were involved. 

"Amazon is dropping off a package for you right now," Zach told Ryder, and Cheyenne advised her daughter to keep her eyes closed as they went outside, noting that it was a "really, really, really large surprise." When Ryder reached the bottom of the steps, Cory was there. His little one screamed and the two embraced. In the comment section of the "Teen Mom" Instagram page, fans called the moment "one of the cutest things" and praised Cory and Cheyenne for being on such good terms. "I love the maturity & great co-parenting it's beautiful to see," one wrote. 

Though their relationship didn't work out on a romantic level, they are committed to coparenting. "We've always been friends. We just happen to be two friends who have a baby," she told E! News in 2021. Cheyenne also confirmed that Cory would be at her and Zach's wedding. "Ryder is a flower girl and I know Cory is gonna want to see Ry all dressed up and stuff so of course they would be invited," she said.

Chelsea DeBoer's daughter's sweet message

Anyone who's watched the story of former "Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea DeBoer, who left the show after Season 10, knows that she's had her fair share of relationship problems. For the most part, they were related to Adam Lind, the father of daughter Aubree. Chelsea heart was broken by Adam toward the beginning of the show, and it's seemed like Adam hasn't been a consistent presence in Aubree's life. But things seemed to improve for Chelsea after she married Cole DeBoer.

The couple met at a South Dakota gas station and tied the knot in October 2016, per Us Weekly. At the time, Chelsea was pregnant with their first child, Watson, so they decided to postpone the reception until he arrived. And at the 2017 celebration, Aubree gushed about her stepdad in pre-recorded audio. The recording was also a surprise for the married couple.

"Cole, I love you 'cause you're so happy and nice," said Aubree. "I'm happy you're marrying my mom because you both are the same people 'cause they like the same thing and think of the same stuff. Thank you for making my mom so happy. Thank you for giving me my little brother." Later on, the DeBoers welcomed their second child, a girl named Layne in August 2018, and their third child, another girl named Walker arrived in January of 2021. What a happy ending for Chelsea, right?

Kailyn Lowry's college graduation

In May 2017, "Teen Mom 2" star Kaylin Lowry walked the graduation stage at Delaware State University. Per OK! Magazine, she graduated after six years with a degree in mass communications at age 25. In order to reach her goal of earning a degree, she had to overcome a lot of obstacles, and she touched on those obstacles in her blog following her graduation. "Between teen motherhood, financial hurdles in the beginning, then moving to a new state, marriage, babies and divorce... and then of course just wanting to give up, I (barely) held on," wrote Kaylin (via People). "This has been an extremely long and emotional road for me and for my family. There are a select few people around me that have helped make this possible for me, they know who they are and I'm so thankful for them. I love you!" 

At the time of graduation, Kaylin had two sons, Isaac and Lincoln, who were at the ceremony. Plus, she was pregnant with her third child, Lux. More than likely, the two boys seeing their mom graduate can only serve as motivation if they ever feel like finishing school isn't worth it. 

Jeremy Calvert's priceless gift

Forget the box of tissues. You might need a whole roll of paper towels for this one.

This particular tear-jerker is a scene from "Teen Mom 2" and involves Leah Messer's ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, and their daughter Addie. Leah threw a party for Addie's 8th birthday at the time, confirmed by The Sun. But initially, Jeremy said he couldn't come because he'd be out of town at his pipeline engineer job. But in the eleventh hour, while the party was still going on, Jeremy surprised the birthday girl by showing up. Addie responded by running to her dad and embracing him while breaking into tears. It's one of those moments that shows just how precious a daddy-daughter bond can truly be.

After the touching scene, Leah took to Instagram Stories and posted stills of the tearful reunion. "The pipelines might have her daddy, but she'll always have his heart," she captioned the images. "#GirlDad." Plus, there were plenty of "Teen Mom 2" fans who said they got extremely emotional after seeing Addie's reaction. "The way Addie ran to Jeremy is priceless 🥺💗," tweeted a viewer of the show. "I Hope he finds a job where he can be more present for her and doesn't have to travel as much." "Omg that hug with Addie and Jeremy was the sweetest thing ever!!!" another person chimed in.

Tyler McKinney's proposal

After Maci Bookout expressed that she wanted Taylor McKinney to pop the question, he did just that — presumably making fans of the couple super happy. It happened in 2016 on Southern California's Venice Beach with MTV's help, and Maci was totally caught by surprise. (It didn't hurt that Taylor proposed with a ring that had a whopping 84 diamonds in it.) "Hey, can I ask you something?" he began before dropping to one knee. He then popped the question, she gave a quick yes and that was that.

Maci — who was with Taylor for three years before getting engaged — talked to MTV about the moment and how he pulled it off. "He had told me that I was going to do an interview for MTV.com, which turned out to be a complete trick," she explained. "I was in complete shock. I couldn't believe that it was actually happening and to be honest, I couldn't believe that he had pulled it off without me figuring it out...because I usually know everything." Tyler talked about the moment as well. "My nerves went crazy right as I was about to do it," he said in a Facebook Q&A (via MTV). "But I was pretty calm all day long." 

The two got hitched on October 8, 2016, and they have two children together: Jayde and Maverick. Plus, Taylor is stepdad to Maci's son Bentley, whose father is Ryan Edwards.

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra's vow renewal

Some might say it's easy for a person to break out the romance at the beginning of a marriage and more challenging to do so after the honeymoon stage. That could be why a lot of "Teen Mom OG" viewers praised Catelynn Baltierra when she not only surprised her husband Tyler Baltierra with a trip to Hawaii but threw him a surprise wedding to renew their vows. 

First, Catelynn, who was decked out in white, handed her husband a blindfold. From there, they got into a golf cart and stopped in an open field. Tyler was still confused when his longtime love removed the blindfold, however. Then the person who officiated the ceremony broke the news: "So Cate decided to surprise you with a recommitment ceremony so that you can begin a fresh start."

And the first step to that new beginning was having the couple blow on stones and throw them into the ocean. The move is symbolic of letting go of "anything you've been holding on to," which was explained to them. Before that episode aired, Catelynn told her Instagram followers that she couldn't wait for them to see it, writing the words "New beginnings" on Instagram. The recommitment ceremony will probably go down in "Teen Mom" history as one of the most romantic, wouldn't you say?