The Emotional Significance Behind Jeopardy! Champ Amy Schneider's Signature Necklace

Every season, "Jeopardy!" produces a few standout contestants who capture audiences with their charm and wit. Now, currently in its 38th season, Amy Schneider has become one of the iconic game show's biggest breakout stars to date. The 42-year-old made history when she became the first transgender contestant to appear on and qualify for their Tournament of Champions, per People. She has also been on a winning streak on "Jeopardy!," most recently becoming the fourth contestant in the history of the show — and first woman — to win over $1 million in prize money, according to The New York Times.

As Schneider continues to wow fans with her knowledge, some viewers could not help but notice that the software engineer has a particular sense of style, preferring to accessorize her cardigans with a signature necklace and a nose ring. Now, in a new interview, Schneider has opened up about the emotional significance behind her jewelry — and it is sure to give you all the feels.

Amy Schneider's pearl necklace came from someone close to her heart

Throughout her run on "Jeopardy!," Amy Schneider has not only surprised fans with her vast knowledge, but also captured the eyes of many for her choice of jewelry. Schneider has worn a pearl necklace for all of her appearances thus far, and as it turns out, the piece of jewelry has special significance to her.

In an interview with USA Today, Schneider revealed that the necklace was gifted to her by girlfriend Genevieve Davis on her first birthday after they went official. "[Being on 'Jeopardy!'] was the first significant time I'd spent apart from her since we'd started dating," she explained, referencing her five-day filming schedule in Los Angeles. "And so having that was just a nice, just sort of comforting reminder that, that she was at home waiting for me."

Schneider also addressed her nose ring and explained that it was a type of jewelry that she had long wanted and admired, but held off on getting it before she transitioned. "Transitioning is also a permanent thing to do to my body," she said. "And so once I'd done that, I was more open to it and just wanted to express myself." She added, "I'd always liked nose rings on other women." Clearly, Schneider is confident about her style and knowledge and has no time for any hate, fighting back against transphobia on New Year's Eve, per TV Insider. Schneider is a true champion in every way.