Why Priyanka Chopra Has Been Protecting Herself Against The Hardships Of Social Media

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Priyanka Chopra is well-known for her role as FBI agent Alex Parrish on "Quantico" and being one of the "J-Sisters." In December 2018, Nick Jonas and Chopra's wedding made global headlines. The "Quantico" star was used to media scrutiny already, but being married to Jonas put her under a microscope! As the former Bollywood star navigates her career, she's faced ups and downs.

Chopra has broken barriers in Hollywood, and 2022 could be the biggest year in her career. According to Vanity Fair, Chopra was one of the biggest movie stars in India before making a move to America. In 2022, she'll star in the romantic-comedy "Text for You" and "Citadel," Amazon's upcoming spy series. Chopra's "The Matrix Resurrections" co-star Jada Pinkett Smith told Vanity Fair, "She's just a ball of light. She's funny, and she's witty, and she just enjoys life. It's magnetic." And Chopra really stretched her wings in 2021. "The White Tiger" star published her memoir "Unfinished" (a New York Times bestseller), opened an Indian restaurant in New York City, and launched a new hair-care brand. No word on when Mrs. Jonas sleeps!

Last November, Chopra talked to InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown on the podcast "Ladies First with Laura Brown" about the hectic past year, per Yahoo. Chopra said, "Just the uncertainty of my mom and my brother being in India, my husband being in America while I was in the U.K. ... it just was so much uncertainty." Given everything going on in her life, she's also mindful of the hardships social media can bring.

Priyanka Chopra is wary of social media

Priyanka Chopra is protecting herself and being a little wary about social media. It's easy to see why. Page Six reported that in November 2021 Chopra changed her Instagram handle from @PriyankaChopraJonas to @PriyankaChopra, causing a social media storm where fans questioned if her marriage to Nick Jonas was in trouble. In an interview for a Vanity Fair cover story, Chopra talked about the social media crisis and why she's putting less pressure on internet opinions.

Chopra said, "It's just a professional hazard ... Because of the noise of social media, because of the prevalence that it has in our lives, I think it seems a lot larger than it is. I think that we give it a lot more credence in real life, and I don't think it needs that." "The Matrix Resurrections" star is well-aware of the constant scrutiny. She told Vanity Fair, "It's a very vulnerable feeling, actually, that if I post a picture, everything that's behind me in that picture is going to be zoomed in on, and people are going to speculate." After Chopra's 2018 wedding to Jonas, there were rumors on social media about the couple, and Chopra addressed claims her marriage to Jonas was only for publicity during the Jonas Brothers' Netflix roast.

Clearly, the busy actor hasn't lost her sense of humor. Chopra joked and gave the perfect response about future babies, telling Vanity Fair, "By God's grace, when it happens, it happens." She joked, "We're not too busy to practice."