Katy Perry Holds Contest To Find Dancer For 'Swish Swish' Music Video

Attention KatyCats: Katy Perry is offering fans a chance to be in her new music video!

Posting a video to YouTube on Wednesday, July 5, 2017, the 32-year-old announced that she's partnering with DanceOn to find a dancer to appear in her upcoming video for "Swish Swish."

"All you have to do is put together some fun, funny, weird—I don't know—great choreography... and I will pick my favorite dancer to be in the music video with me!" Perry explained. To be considered, contestants need to upload a video of their performance to either YouTube, Instagram, or Music.ly and tag "#SwishSwishChallenge" as well as the @DanceOn and @KatyPerry account handles.

The contest is open to dancers 13 years of age or older who live in the United States. But hurry—it ends at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, July 12. The video's scheduled to film in late July.

The music video is sure to be one to watch. After the release of "Swish Swish," many fans speculated that it was a diss track, firing back at Taylor Swift for her song "Bad Blood." And, judging by the number of time Swift's name has come up in interviews with Perry, it certainly seems true.

Though Perry's since apologized for her part in their feud, claiming that she's "ready to let it go," we kind of doubt that her well wishes—sincere or not—will be enough to bury the hatchet with Swift.

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