Fredrik Eklund Confirms What We Suspected About His Future On Million Dollar Listing

Fredrik Eklund just revealed whether or not he's going to continue showcasing his real estate chops on "Million Dollar Listing." A fixture on the popular reality series for a little more than a decade, Eklund is known to be the first agent to appear on both "Million Dollar Listing New York" and sister show "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles." He admitted that filming both shows did a number on him, but he's happy to have had the chance to work with different kinds of brokers. "I filmed BOTH shows, NY and LA, and it wasn't easy but I'm so grateful to be able to let the cameras in on the good, bad and ugly of working bicoastal and ruffle feathers of brokers everywhere," he told People in March 2021.

Eklund's tenure on the series meant that it had its fair share of drama. His co-star Josh Altman previously revealed that he "cut" Eklund out of his life as they often "don't see eye to eye on a lot of things." He also had a falling out with co-star Josh Flagg after he allegedly leaked that Flagg is planning on moving to a new brokerage. "I am probably the angriest I've ever been in my entire life," the latter said at the time, via Distractify.

Having been embroiled in broker drama, it looks like Eklund is ready to jump ship, as he just announced that he's moving on from "Million Dollar Listing."

Fredrik Eklund leaves Million Dollar Listing after 11 years

Fredrik Eklund revealed that he's ready to move on from "Million Dollar Listing." The broker took to Instagram to announce that he's diving into his "next chapter" and that he's excited about his future. "After an amazing 11 years, I've decided it's time for the next chapter in my life, and to leave Million Dollar Listing. It's an end of an era and a new start for me," he wrote. "I let Andy [Cohen], the Producers and the Executives know last week how grateful I am. Eternally grateful, I mean what an incredible run we had together."

Eklund went on to reminisce how they started as a small team and eventually made it to become the nation's "largest and most prolific team that reached $4.5 billion in 2021." He even acknowledged all the drama that happened on the show, but according to a source, that did not affect his decision at all. "The fallout is from six months ago and it is not even on Fredrik's radar and didn't factor in any of his decisions," an insider told People.

Beyond "MDL," Eklund is ecstatic to dive into new ventures and spend more time with his children. "There's more to do, new projects and experiences, my kids are growing and my business is pulling me in all sorts of exciting directions," he added. "Thank you to Bravo, my cast mates from both coasts, and the incredible crew. We made television history together."