How Many Kids Does Kevin Federline Have Now?

Kevin Federline became a temporary household name in the 2000s when he married Britney Spears in September 2004, just a few months after they started dating, Deseret News reported. Federline and Spears' relationship received intense media coverage — not only because of their whirlwind romance but also because their divorce overlapped with Spears' very public mental health struggles in 2007 and 2008, as Us Weekly pointed out. The period also marked the onset of the involuntary conservatorship that prevented Spears from making most decisions about her life. 

The marriage lasted just two years, with Spears filing for divorce from Federline in November 2006, TMZ reported. In those two years, Federline and Spears welcomed two sons, Sean, in September 2005, and Jayden, in September 2006. In her court filings, Spears asked for custody of their 1-year-old and 2-month-old, per TMZ. But Federline responded with his own petition for full custody the following day, according to People. In March 2007, Federline and Spears reached an agreement, finalizing their divorce, as Reuters reported. 

But amid Spears' struggles, the Princess of Pop lost custody of Sean and Jayden just months later, as The Guardian noted. In mid-2008, Federline was awarded full custody, according to CNN. As his links to Spears were slowly severed, Federline retreated back to the anonymity he came from. And that's not to mean he didn't move on with his life. In fact, he has even become a father again.

Kevin Federline has six kids with three women

In late 2008, just months after gaining legal custody of his and Britney Spears' sons, Kevin Federline began dating former volleyball player Victoria Prince after meeting on the bowling team Party Animals, according to TMZ. In August 2011, Federline and Prince welcomed a daughter, Jordan, making Prince a first-time mom and Federline a fifth-time dad, as Us Weekly reported. "Everything was perfect and everyone is doing well," he told the magazine. Sean and Jayden, who were then 5 and 4, were "super excited" to welcome a baby sister, Federline added.

Though Federline wanted to tie the knot, he was still looking for "the courage" to actually ask Prince, he told Us Weekly. And it looks like Federline's anxiety had more to do with being engaged than actually being married, as he proposed to Prince on a Friday and said their "I dos" the following day, People reported. Two years after becoming parents together, Federline and Prince became husband and wife in August 2013, the report detailed. Federline previously hinted at marriage in 2010, telling Ryan Seacrest (via People), "I just want to be happy. Right now, I really am happy. Victoria's a great person. She's an incredible person." Federline and Prince wasted no time in increasing their brood, welcoming another daughter, Peyton, just eight months after tying the knot, per ABC News.

Peyton marked Federline's sixth child, as he had already fathered two children with his first fiancée, Shar Jackson.

Kevin Federline maintains a great co-parenting relationship with Shar Jackson

When Britney Spears was first linked to Kevin Federline in early 2004, the dancer was engaged to singer and "Moesha" star Shar Jackson, People reported. To complicate things further, Jackson was seven months pregnant with their second child, after welcoming their daughter, Kori, in 2002. "It wasn't like just breaking up a relationship ... It was like breaking up a family," she revealed to the outlet. While the Princess of Pop denied involvement with Federline around that occasion, Jackson was positive it was real. "I know Britney in passing. We've run into each other at a couple of events. She knows who I am, she knows I'm his girlfriend," she told People. 

Jackson, who already had a son, Donnie, and daughter, Cassie, with her former boyfriend, gave birth to her son with Federline, Kaleb, that July, per AP. Despite her criticism of how Federline ended the relationship, she has respect for his dedication to his children. "He's an amazing dad," Jackson told People in January 2007. Plus, she seems to have forgiven him. "He's made some mistakes, but everybody else doesn't have the whole world pointing their finger at their mistakes," she said on "Inside Edition" (via People).

Ultimately, everything worked out well between Jackson and Federline, as the two found a good co-parenting rhythm between one another. And despite his bad-boy reputation back in the day, K-Fed has seemingly turned the page for the better.