Kristen Stewart Fans Can't Stop Beaming About Her Oscar Nomination

Kristen Stewart has gotten a lot of attention, and even critical acclaim, for her role as Princess Diana in the film "Spencer." In fact, Stewart said that during her research for the role, she understood the Princess of Wales and how she felt with all of the unwanted media attention that she was getting during her marriage to Prince Charles. During an interview with The Sunday Times, Stewart said that there were certain parallels between her life and Diana's, in which "it's feeling constantly watched, no matter what you do," and that "if you're in public, someone in the room is looking at you at all times."

With that said, Stewart's performance has gotten her plenty of rave reviews, as many critics believe this might be her career-defining role, despite becoming a household name thanks to the "Twilight" series years earlier. The Hollywood Reporter was one of many outlets that sung Stewart's praises with a glowing review that said, "Stewart's finely detailed work on the accent and mannerisms is impeccable. The camera adores her, and she has seldom been more magnetic, or more heartbreakingly fragile." But now that Stewart has nabbed an Oscar nomination for "Spencer," as reported by the New York Post, her fans can't stop beaming — and for this reason, too.

Kristen Stewart's fans are going wild for her Oscar nomination

Soon after the 2022 Oscar nominations were announced, Kristen Stewart's fans took to social media to celebrate her nod for Best Actress. Many people have taken to their Twitter accounts to write, "SHE MADE IT!! After getting SNUBBED by the SAG AWARDS, KRISTEN STEWART got IN with her FIRST OSCAR NOMINATION for BEST ACTRESS for SPENCER! And SHE DESERVES IT!!" Another added, "Kristen Stewart was snubbed at the SAG's, online harassed by thousands of fans of another actress for months, and yet now, she's the one nominated. Let it be clear: KRISTEN STEWART was the lead actress front runner since September 2021, and that's it so well deserved!"

This all comes after Stewart was supposedly snubbed for a BAFTA award, with some critics pointing out that the association's president, Prince William, might or might not have had something to do with this decision. Either way, there's no denying that Stewart's success so far has been of the royal variety.