The Partners Of The Cincinnati Bengals

The 2022 Super Bowl has definitely thrust the Cincinnati Bengals into the spotlight, especially since it's the first time in over 30 years that the NFL team has made it to the Big Game. Many fans have watched as the team overcame several obstacles to make a major and unexpected comeback this season. With the squad dominating the gridiron as well as sports headlines, interest has piqued in the players themselves and their lives off the field. Of course, that includes the Bengals' romantic partners, who have been rooting for their loved ones since the beginning.  

Whether you're into sports or not, you've probably heard the term "WAGs," which stands for wives and girlfriends of sports stars. There was even a whole E! reality show on the topic, making it clear that people are interested in the women in the stands. Not only are these ladies usually their husband's or boyfriend's biggest fans and main support system, but they often have interesting lives of their own, through their careers or their roles in their families. 

When it comes to the Cincinnati Bengals, it's safe to say a lot of their roster are young, probably super busy, and therefore very single. However, quite a few of their players also have wives, fiancées, and girlfriends, with many being by their side way before they became Super Bowl-bound NFL superstars. With that said, let's get to know the partners of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Joe Burrow has been taken since college

Cincinnati Bengals player Joe Burrow has been off the market since his days at Ohio State. That's where the quarterback met his girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher. Per the brunette beauty's Instagram, they first got together in 2017, long before Burrow became the NFL superstar he is today. Since then, Holzmacher has seemingly been with Burrow through many of his accomplishments, like winning the Heisman Trophy in 2019. Holzmacher shared a selfie with her man at the time, writing that she was "so proud" of him in the caption. That next year, when Burrow was drafted to the Bengals, she made it clear they were the real deal, posting, "Thankful to be by your side joe and to be a part of the the past three seasons ... So excited for what the future holds."

Whether Burrow was playing college football or on a professional level, Holzmacher is often in the stands cheering him on. Yet when Holzmacher isn't being a supportive girlfriend and football fan, she keeps busy with her own career. According to her LinkedIn, the Ohio native has worked as a Senior Process Specialist and Analyst at the retail company Kroger since graduating college in 2019.

Holzmacher is also dog mom to Golden-Doodle Beau, and from the looks of her social media, appears to enjoy traveling and hanging out with her girlfriends when she's not with Burrow. Despite Burrow's rise to fame, he and Holzmacher really do seem like your average young couple ... who just happen to now be worth millions. 

Ja'Marr Chase was linked to an Instagram model

When it comes to wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase's relationship status, it appears to be well ... complicated. As of February 2022, it's unknown if the Cincinnati Bengals star is single or not, but at one point he was linked to Instagram model Ambar Nicole. While it's unclear if the two are still together, by Nicole's account when they were, it came with some major drama.

During the summer of 2021, Nicole claimed on Instagram  that she was pregnant with Chase's baby. In a series of now-deleted Instagram stories (via Sportskeeda), she also accused the NFL player of being physically abusive toward her. She wrote, "Told myself I wouldn't put my business on the media anymore but!! ..." and then added "putting your hands on a pregnant female is lame af!!!," tagging Chase's account. She then posted a photo of what she implied was the back of him, writing "p****" over it. If that's not messy enough, Nicole previously told her followers that when it came to her pregnancy, Chase told her to take Plan B. She also claimed (via The U.S. Sun) that Chase still "slept with multiple women" when they were exclusive.

Nicole has since made her Instagram private, so there's no word on her pregnancy or her allegations. As for Chase, he never confirmed a relationship with Nicole. He did take to Twitter around the time of her claims to write, "these fake pages be killing me bruh," seemingly brushing off the whole thing as untrue.

Evan McPherson is engaged to an Auburn student

Placekicker Evan McPherson has a lot to celebrate, between getting engaged and the Cincinnati Bengals making the Super Bowl. In July 2021, McPherson shared with his Instagram followers that he asked his girlfriend of several years, Gracie Groat, to be his wife. He posted, "I will love you forever and always Gracie Groat!! You are my soul mate ... You make every day special." That wasn't the first time McPherson gushed about Groat on the 'gram, considering he often posts photos of them embracing, where he writes things like, "You are beautiful in every single way and your heart is the biggest!!"

Groat is apparently just as smitten, with her own feed filled with photos of her fiancé. In one post, she wrote, "I am so thankful to have you by my side." It appears the couple may even have a wedding date already set too, with Groat posting in October 2021, "LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!! Cannot wait to be your wifeeee!!!!"

When Groat isn't wedding planning, she seems to be a regular college student, attending Auburn University in her native Alabama. Per her Instagram, she's "studying biomedical sciences with a minor in leadership." She frequently posts her adventures around campus and appears to be in a sorority. She also ran for Miss Auburn in early 2022, where she had hoped to encourage her fellow students to ​​"use movement as a way of improving mental health." While Groat lost, it seems she's still a winner in McPherson's eyes.

Trey Hendrickson and his wife keep the faith

Off the field, it seems Cincinnati Bengals player Trey Hendrickson is either praising the Lord or his wife. The defensive end has been married to Alisa Chernomashentsev since July 2020, after apparently only getting engaged a month earlier. From the looks of his Instagram, religion definitely plays a major role in the couple's lives, with Trey often including Bible verses in his captions.  

Of course, he uses his captions to gush about his wife too. In one post of them together, he wrote, "You're the light of my life and my better half. I wouldn't be the man I am today without you and we are just getting started." The NFL player has even credited his wife and their faith for his success in football. He told WAFB9, "Good things happen when you keep the faith ... You never doubt yourself. For one, everything I do, my wife is behind the scenes doing a great job supporting me. Together it's faith."

As for Alisa, her Instagram account is private. However, according to her visible bio, she is Russian and works as a pharmacist, with her handle even being @drhendrickson. She's also getting her Masters in Healthcare Informatics and will be finished with her studies in 2023. If that's not impressive enough, Alisa has a big heart too. She seems to do charity work, sharing a link for donations to the Ohio-based humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization, Matthew 25: Ministries, in her bio. 

Brandon Allen connected with his wife over their love of animals

Cincinnati Bengal Brandon Allen and his wife, Sarah Connley Allen, have an adorable love story. The couple met at a concert while college students in Arkansas and learned they were actually neighbors. Sarah recalled to Arkansas Bride, "He use[d] to invite me over to walk my dog and take him to the dog park. We both are huge animal lovers ... so we had a great connection." That meeting led to their first date, which was breakfast, and then eventually a proposal at an Arkansas winery where they'd also get married in 2019. 

For Brandon, he apparently had no doubt Sarah was the one. He gushed to Arkansas Bride, "My favorite thing about Sarah is that I can always be myself around her." He added, "She is the only person I have ever wanted to hang out with every single day." In July 2020, the couple welcomed their son Oakland. These days, Brandon can't seem to help but gush about his wife being a mom on Instagram, calling her "the hottest mama around," in one post, and writing to her in another, "We couldn't do this life without you." 

As for Sarah, she seemingly keeps busy being a "Football wifey" and "Mama to Oakland, Bogey and Teddy" (their dogs), per her Instagram bio. The family also looks to be preparing to move to Florida. When she isn't cheering on her husband's team, she shares photos of her adorable family and her adventures with Allen.

Samaje Perine married his high school sweetheart

It's safe to say that running back Samaje Perine's wife, Megan Perine, has been with him from the beginning since the two began dating back in high school (per Megan even shared a selfie of them from around that time on her Instagram as part of the "10 year challenge." The two went on to attend the University of Oklahoma together and during that time, they got engaged. Their proposal involving magician Daniel Fernandez can still be watched on YouTube

The couple later tied the knot in 2017, and despite being together for years, appear to still be very smitten with each other, based on their Instagrams. The Cincinnati Bengal player has not only shared a photo of him kissing his wife from the field, but also called her "the most amazing wife, mom, and friend" in another post. As for Megan, she seems to be her husband's biggest fan, often sharing photos of her cheering him on or celebrating his wins.

The lovebirds also like to share images of their family, which includes daughter Landyn and son Major. Megan has been very open with her followers about how hard Samaje's job is on them when he's busy with training camp or away for the holidays.  Outside of being a mom and football fan, Megan writes that she likes "to make food" in her Instagram bio. She even linked to her food blog called "Touchdown Kitchen," where she shared recipes and stories about her life until 2018.

Tre Flowers and his girlfriend keep a low profile

Like his teammate Samaje Perine, cornerback Tre Flowers also appears to still be with his high school girlfriend, Breshae Monroe. According to, the couple met at Judson High School in Texas, and apparently stayed together when Flowers attended Oklahoma State from 2014 to 2017. That last year, the couple welcomed their daughter, Bailee. In 2018, when Flowers played for the Seattle Seahawks, Monroe and Bailee had reportedly remained in Texas to live with Monroe's parents. It's unclear if Monroe and Bailee joined Flowers in Cincinnati when he got drafted to the Bengals in late 2021, since the pair is very private about their relationship. 

Despite their low profile, Flowers and Monroe seem to still be a couple from the looks of photos he posted on Twitter of them together at an event in November 2021. Flowers has also shared photos of Bailee on Twitter, but has kept his public Instagram strictly football.

As for Monroe, not much is known about her other than she knows how to serve serious looks on what appears to be her Instagram. The Texas native has seemingly also shared photos of her daughter. When it comes to Bailee, Monroe calls her "light of my life" and wrote that she feels "so blessed for this little phenom I birthed and get to call mine." While Monroe hasn't shared anything about or with Flowers, she has tweeted about watching his games and retweeted those who congratulate him.

Joe Bachie loves to post about his girlfriend

Linebacker Joe Bachie seems to be another Cincinnati Bengal who met his current love, Holly Bullough, in college. The two attended Michigan State University, and according to one of Bachie's Instagram posts, started dating sometime in 2017 after apparently meeting the year before. Since then, the two have seemingly been inseparable, spending Christmases and 4th of Julys together over the years. She's also joined him on family vacations, proving that they're quite serious! In July 2020, Bachie even revealed that he took Bullough to his hometown in Ohio, and later that year, implied that they had moved in together by calling her his "new roommate."

It's unclear where the couple lives, however, since according to Bullough's Instagram bio, she's based in Michigan. In 2021, he also wrote about missing her "a lot" when he's "down in Cincinnati," which of course is where he plays for the Bengals. Not much else is known about Bullough considering that her Instagram is private, but it appears from her bio she is somewhat of a foodie, writing "happyy until im hangryy." She also wrote that she had once created a fitness/food page.

While Bullough may prefer to fly under the radar, Bachie doesn't seem to mind gushing about their love. He not only admitted in a post that he was once "scared" to take a photo with her, but also about how she's his "rock." It sounds to us that a "rock" could be in Bullough's future! 

Kevin Huber's wife has beauty and brains

It's evident the Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber's wife has beauty and brains. The NFL player is married to Mindi Naticchioni, who reportedly works as a cardiologist. According to Players Wives, Mindi had begun her career as an actor, appearing ,mostly in commercials, before deciding to leave that behind to pursue medicine at the University of Cincinnati. Not much is known about her medical career other than she has written a few research papers.

Cincinnati Magazine reports that both Kevin and Mindi were originally from The Queen City, so it appears that moving for his career with the Bengals was never an issue. The two even walked down the aisle at a Music Hall in their hometown in 2016. Mindi dished in Cincinnati Magazine, "We wanted the rest of the wedding to match the old-world glam of Music Hall," adding they were sure to include "a Cincinnati staple" on the menu.

While it appears that neither Kevin nor Mindi has an Instagram, he has posted about his wife on Twitter. The athlete has shared photos of them at industry events, dressed up for Halloween, and working out for charity, to just name a few. They also seemingly enjoy traveling, with Kevin tweeting photos of them in Iceland as well as someplace tropical. He even gushed in a tweet that she was not only his "amazing, beautiful wife" but also his "travel buddy." It's clear that for this married couple, life is an adventure.

Drew Sample's wife is proud of his journey

Like a lot of his teammates on the Cincinnati Bengals, Drew Sample also married his wife, Angelina Danylyuk Sample, before becoming an NFL star. The Seattle Times reports that the tight end and Angelina got hitched in 2018 when he was in his last year at the University of Washington and she was still a student at Seattle Pacific. Drew recalled, "It was nice ... We'd been dating for four years, and we both knew what we wanted," implying that they had met some time in high school. 

These days, the couple is far away from their native Washington and have seemed to make a home in Cincinnati with their two young daughters, Alivia and Savannah. Angelina often posts photos of their family on Instagram, as well as about life as a football mom. She makes it a point to gush about her husband too, writing in one post to him that "All the greatest moments are with you." She, of course, is super supportive of his career, frequently sharing photos of herself at his games, reaching out for his hand.

The mom-of-two also made it clear how proud she is of her husband in a 2022 Instagram post, writing, "I have loved watching Drew go from college to NFL and being part of something bigger ... He gives this his everything!! So deserving!" As for Drew, he's called Angelina his "beautiful and amazing wife" in a post, adding, "the girls and I are so lucky."

Coach Zac Taylor has a devoted football wife

Cincinnati Bengals coach Zac Taylor and his wife, Sarah Sherman Taylor, were seemingly always meant to be. The two met back in 2005 at the University of Nebraska, where Sarah was a graduate student working in the sport's information department, and Zac was the Cornhuskers' quarterback. She recalled to Modern Luxury, "I honestly thought, "Oh my gosh, what a hunk!'" Zac revealed, "Within the first month of dating, I thought without a doubt that I could be with Sarah for the rest of my life." The two went on to get engaged during a mini-golf date, before getting married in 2008. Football definitely had a major role in their wedding, not only because of Zac but because Sarah comes from a football family herself, with her dad being an NFL coach. She dished, "We had a guest list that included half the Houston Texans staff ... Our officiating priest was the team chaplain for the Green Bay Packers."

The couple now has four kids, and Sarah left her job as Recruiting Assistant at Texas A&M University to become a blogger mom, per her LinkedIn, but still keeps quite busy. Zac admitted to the Lincoln Journal Star, "She deals with so much during the seven months we're in-season. I'm never around." However, she appears to love their life in Cincinnati, telling Local 12, "In my wildest dreams I never thought we'd be here in this position ... I love it here, the people are so good."