The Sad Reason Lionel Richie Almost Suffered A Nervous Breakdown

There's no doubt that Lionel Richie is one of the most famous singers in the industry. The singer has churned out plenty of sing-along-worthy hits like "All Night Long" and "We Are the World." The singer's personal life has also been a much-talked-about topic, thanks to his daughters, Nicole Richie and Sofia Richie. Nicole gained fame from "The Simple Life" while Sofia has notably dated Scott Disick. As we all know, the latter romance was highly publicized because of their large age difference. 

Lionel took another big step in his career when he joined the judging panel on "American Idol," proving again that he's a fan favorite. According to his website, he also struck a major deal with the Wynn in Las Vegas for a residency. As you know, if you make it to Las Vegas, you know that you have made it big in your career. He also held a previous residence at Planet Hollywood telling Kelly Clarkson, "The beauty of it is that you play the show and you go home at night."

But, not everything in his career has come easy, despite what many may think.

Lionel Richie had a few stressful surgeries

Lionel Richie may be one of the most famous singers in Hollywood, but that hasn't stopped him from facing challenging situations like the rest of us. The singer sat down with People in February, where he opened up about a wide variety of topics, including the moment that Lionel nearly had a nervous breakdown. Amid the peak of his career, Lionel battled an illness that affected his vocal cords, which, as we all know, are a singer's bread and butter. The condition caused the singer to undergo four surgeries, which nearly put him over the edge.

"About as close as you ever would've come to a nervous breakdown," Lionel said of the experience. "You don't want anybody fooling around down there. This is your identity." He credited an older Black male he met in Jamaica for helping him see the impact he had on others. "He said, 'You must survive because you are our beacon of hope. 'If you make it, we know we can make it. If you accomplish, we know we can accomplish,'" he recalled, adding that he "was crying."

It's safe to say that Lionel made that fan proud, and he's experienced such a remarkable musical career. According to the Grammy website, Lionel has been nominated for an impressive 32 Grammys, and he has brought home four trophies. The surgeries may have been scary, but they certainly didn't hold him back!