Everything That Chrissy Teigen Has Had To Apologize For

Once upon a time, everyone agreed that Chrissy Teigen was the Queen of Twitter. The Sports Illustrated cover model won millions of fans through her wide-ranging observations online, seeming to be a "famous person" who was just as much a fan of pop culture as the rest of us. Her witty, no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners tweets made her seem relatable, like a normal person who just happened to be a beautiful bikini model, television host, and cooking expert who married one of the most successful singers in Hollywood. "No other celebrity has mastered the art of Twitter like she has," celebrity expert Mike Sington told BoredPanda.

However, that same take-no-prisoners approach made her a frequent target for people upset with the way she was conducting herself online. Over the course of her decade in the limelight, Teigen has repeatedly gotten into social media tiffs with other stars, said things that annoyed her fans, and eventually, faced a public reckoning when numerous abusive tweets resurfaced in 2021.

"'Apologize the way you want me to' is not it," she once tweeted. "Just personally, in your heart and remote, cancel them if you're truly mad. Writing them over and over, the onslaught, it can drive a sane person insane and an unstable person to...worse." Still, though, Teigen has repeatedly apologized, both sincerely and sarcastically, in tossed-off side comments and long, heartfelt blog posts. Here's a look at everything Chrissy Teigen has ever had to issue a mea culpa for.

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Chrissy Teigen insulted Avril Lavigne

In 2011, Chrissy Teigen shared her thoughts about a video featuring "Sk8er Boi" singer Avril Lavigne. "Watching an avril lavigne interview," Teigen wrote (via E!). "The second most painful thing I have watched today after 'the goods.'" (Evidently, she had just watched the 2009 Jeremy Piven comedy "The Goods: Live Hard; Sell Hard" and was, to put it lightly, not a fan.) Teigen followed up her initial thoughts with a pile-on, adding, "If u told me I could have 1 kid, but it would be exactly like Avril, I would choose to have a barren, sterile existence that ends when I die." Yikes.

The oblique "Seinfeld" reference didn't go over well with fans of the "Hello Kitty" songstress; many demanded an apology from the model. Hitting back, according to Today, Teigen retweeted a bunch of criticism. One fan suggested that she "WATCH a Avril's Show, Live! ... F**K YOU FROM THE A V R I L's FANs! KISS KISS".

She apologized, but she revealed pre-emptively that her apology was insincere. "I would formally like to apologize but only one of those 'sorry you are offended' apologies," she wrote. "...I spew out terrible opinions and observations all day and didn't think twice about that one." She continued to tease people who were upset, even after apologizing, writing that she was amused Lavigne has such passionate fans. "This isn't even about her anymore," she wrote. "Really. I honestly believe this new species I have found is AMAZING."

She had the best time of her life with another man

Chrissy Teigen appeared on "Larry King Now" all the way back in 2014, a year or so after she married John Legend. Teigen, already a tastemaker by that point, extolled the virtues of elephant poop coffee and insulted her own modeling skills, but she also discussed her rising status as a Twitter darling on the show. Teigen had already had a few public stumbles by that point, and it seemed like she was already trying to assess her relationship to her Twitter fame, given the amount of times she'd already been criticized online. 

The legendary host asked her about what it's like to face "trolls" on Twitter, and in what seems now like ironic foreshadowing of how her days online would later come back to haunt her, Teigen told King that she had calmed down in "the past six months" because she was tired of ending up on blogs for expressing her opinions online. "I think some people are really just itching to fight sometimes," she said.

So, no grand apology for her online behavior quite yet. After the interview, though, she posted a photo with King on Instagram and felt the need to apologize for something else. "Just had the best 30 minutes of my life with @kingsthings," she wrote, posing with her leg up and King's arms around her waist. Realizing how that looked considering her still-new marriage, she joked, "(sorry john)." 

She accused a Postmate of eating her tacos

Chrissy Teigen, who would go on to write a cookbook called "Cravings," evidently had a hankering for some tacos late one night in 2015. She fired up her Postmates app and ordered from Jack in the Box, and then she waited. When her order didn't arrive, she took to Twitter after midnight, calling out her delivery person. "I think my postmate just ate my 99 cent jack in the box tacos," she wrote. "it says 'delivered at 11:52' but here I am, alone and taco free."

As time went on, she evidently became hangrier and hangrier. "CALEB SAID HE WAS DELIVERING MY JACK IN THE BOX AND IT NEVER CAME AND NOW I FEEL BOTH ASHAMED AND SAD," she wrote in all caps (via Eater), tagging the delivery app directly. "...CALEB M. HAS GONE M. I. A." She accused him again: "caleb is f***ing eating my two tacos."

As fans eagerly followed the case of the missing tacos, it dawned on Teigen that maybe this was actually her own fault. Sure enough, when she looked into her order, she realized that she had entered her address incorrectly, and Caleb M. had not, after all, absconded with her fast-food tacos. "i am pretty sure i sent caleb to the wrong address," she admitted before apologizing for her rant. "for punishment i will take over all of caleb's orders for a day," she wrote, eventually deleting most of the saga.

Her wardrobe malfunction at the AMAs

In 2016, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend walked the red carpet at the American Music Awards. It appears that Teigen's dress was a bit too revealing for comfort; the safety-pinned slit in the side went high above her hip, and after backlash to the look took over social media, she felt the need to apologize after the event. Alongside a photo of three different angles of herself in the black gown, she joked on Instagram, "apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha." She even tagged her laser hair removal specialist, acknowledging that she'd shown off something perhaps a bit more intimate than she had initially intended.

She went further in a since-deleted Q&A on Twitter, hitting back at fans who suggested she should have been more lady-like. "I'm pretty sure you could clearly see I'm a lady," she quipped (via Marie Claire), while she told another fan, "Hindsight is 20/20."

Her husband was asked about the situation a few days later, and he told "Extra" that they had been aware in advance that someone might be able to see something they didn't want seen. "We were watching her walk," Legend insisted. "I was like, 'It looks good. Looks like all is well.'" However, he acknowledged, "If a photographer is resourceful enough they can find that one moment." 

Chrissy Teigen said sorry for freeing the nipple

In 2017, Chrissy Teigen shared a video in the nude to her Snapchat, primarily discussing her love of spray tanning. She attempted to cover her breasts, but according to HuffPost, one of her nipples was visible below her arm. Fans on Twitter alerted the "Chrissy's Court" star to the mishap while still supporting her right to share her body online however she likes without shame, writing things like, "...ya nipple is out in your spray tan n game Snapchat. ... But like, free that nip girl!" As the moment went viral, Teigen tweeted, "Whoops."

Never one to shy away from poking fun at herself, Teigen also shared a text message from her assistant. "FYI your nipple was fully out in one of your snaps," the message read. "I deleted it." Teigen is also not one to shy away from a moment that got her talked about, so she kept the situation going by posting an apology video addressing the accidental flashing. "I just want to apologize to everyone I know," she quipped. "I've let my friends down. I've let my family down. I have nipples. It's not something I'm proud of."

She mixed up John Cho with Kal Penn

While doing some reflecting in 2018, Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to publicly atone for an incident that she called "one of my past drunkest moments," calling herself "mortified." ​​She described meeting actor John Cho, star of films like "Searching" and "Star Trek;" instead of talking to him about one of his film roles, Teigen instead asked why the actor "wasn't working in the White House anymore." She had apparently confused him with his "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" co-star Kal Penn, who did indeed work for the Obama administration.

After writing that John Legend still teases her about her mistake, Teigen added, "This is my formal apology @johnthecho I still think about it, it haunts me." Cho never replied, but Penn did! He told the model not to worry about it, writing, "Never apologize for America." 

Penn had been hired by the White House in 2009, serving as the "associate director in the office of public liaison," according to The Guardian. He left the administration to return to acting in 2011, reflecting to ABC News, "I don't know anyone who would say that the White House is particularly glamorous. I think everyone has an understanding of the impact you can have, and the fact that ... that feeling is indescribable."

The mom 'projectile puked' at her daughter's school

In 2018, Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to apologize for an embarrassing moment in front of other parents. "hello everyone from Luna's school orientation today," she began, referring to her daughter with John Legend. "im sorry I projectile puked caffeine upon arrival, couldn't open my eyes and had the noisiest newborn in the room" (via HipHollywood).

"Great seeing you there!" replied a fellow parent. "The struggle is real and we've all been through it. You and @johnlegend are awesome parents and handled it respectfully." In a follow-up tweet, Teigen admitted it wasn't just caffeine that caused the incident. "Oh no it was not first day of school jitters," she wrote. "It was last night's wine and Korean bbq and jet lag combo."

In an Instagram Story several years later (via the Los Angeles Times), she revealed that she was trying to quit drinking, and that she had been reading books on the subject to avoid future embarrassing moments. "I was done making an a** of myself in front of people (I'm still embarrassed)," she said. By January 2022, the star marked six months sober on Instagram. "I now have endless energy, way less anxiety (no more benzos!) and I am *happier* and more present than ever," she reflected, in part.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

She jumped into Kimye drama

During the height of Kanye West's Donald Trump-era backlash, his then-wife Kim Kardashian got into a Twitter feud with songwriter Rhymefest, a former friend of the controversial rapper who revealed in a tweet to Drake that Ye had pulled funding from social programs his foundation had sponsored, allegedly saying, "f*** the youth of Chicago." Kardashian wasn't having it. She lashed out, telling the world that Rhymefest had been kicked out of the studio while working with West for wearing fake Yeezys. Yikes!

Chrissy Teigen jumped into the fray, sharing the iconic gif of Kardashian peeking out from behind some bushes excitedly. Her fans were, to put it lightly, unhappy. "It really saddens me that women like Chrissy Teigen and Kim K are raising BLACK children and kiki over dragging a black man that was literally asking to support black youth," wrote one fan.

Teigen defended her choice of gif, telling one fan that she wasn't laughing at underprivileged youth. "...it means I am watching the drama, that is how it is used," she tweeted. "You guys really wanna think people have the worst intentions." However, as fans continued to push back, Teigen eventually conceded that it wasn't the best look. "I should have stayed out of it," she admitted. "I really just thought it would come off like I was watching the drama..."

Chrissy Teigen angered fans by spoiling The Voice

Chrissy Teigen's husband John Legend coached several seasons of "The Voice," a singing competition where coaches' "teams" matter almost as much as the contestants themselves. When the finale of Season 16 aired, Maelyn Jarmon was revealed as the winner; she was on Team John, so Teigen took to Twitter to show her support for her husband. She quote-tweeted an announcement from the show's official account, adding, "OH MY GODDDDDDDD!! WOOHOO!!!"

Sounds sweet, right? The only problem was... the finale hadn't yet aired on the West Coast. Fans were unhappy, telling Teigen, "WON'T AIR ON THE WEST COAST FOR ANOTHER HOUR!!" Other fans jumped in to defend her, warning that it's natural to encounter spoilers if you haven't seen a live show yet, but people piled on to the point where Teigen had to address it. She apologized sarcastically, writing, "truly sorry for spoiling the voice tonight. I thought that since the official account tweeted it, it would be okay." Never one to hold back when she doesn't really feel sorry, she added, "But now I realize it wasn't and will make sure that when my husband wins something with someone, I will wait for each state and every country before being excited."

That probably would have been enough, but she kept the "joke" going, adding, "well it looks like we are now being penalized for my spoiler and the award has been taken away and given to Carson Daly. Again I apologize." 

Chrissy Teigen behaved awkwardly around Beyoncé

Chrissy Teigen loves a fangirl moment, such as when she got to appear with "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star J.B. Smoove on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Years earlier, when she met Alicia Silverstone — in character as Cher from "Clueless," of course — Teigen shared a snap of the twosome on Twitter, writing, "How am I supposed to sleep? I think I've asked for 2 photos in my entire life. @AliciaSilv and beyonce." 

It seems like the aforementioned Beyoncé encounter was pretty awkward! Teigen described the incident to Jimmy Fallon, relating a run-in at the 2018 Grammy Awards that saw the model kneel in supplication to the "Bow Down" singer. "I took her hands and I got down on my knees and I was like, 'Sorry to bother you, my queen.' Like, who says that?!" Fallon suggested that he assumed Teigen would be used to meeting other famous people, and Teigen replied, "Not her, though."

That evidently wasn't the most uncomfortable run-in the two have ever had. The night of the Oscars in 2020, Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram to issue an apology for her behavior at an after-party. She captioned a photo of herself and her husband with, "@Beyonce if there is any, any way you're reading this please just know I stare at you and don't talk because I am truly so nervous to say something stupid but we love you and thank you so much!!!"

She tweeted something 'icky' about AirPods

It's no secret that Chrissy Teigen has money. She's an incredibly-successful model, television host, and cookbook author, and has her own line of kitchen appliances. Plus, there's her EGOT-winning husband, John Legend, who seems to have mastered every art form but painting, though we're sure he'd be great at that, too. Still, part of her whole appeal early in her social media career was that she seemed, as HelloGiggles put it, "just like the rest of us," so when Teigen accidentally flaunted her wealth online in 2019 by tweeting about her mom's headphones, fans felt betrayed.

"my mom treats her air pods like they're disposable. buys a few a month," Teigen wrote; her mother, Vilailuck "Pepper" Teigen, appeared on her daughter's Quibi show, "Chrissy's Court." "she says they would be easier to not lose if they had....a cord" the star added. Fans were unhappy to be reminded that Chrissy's family can afford to consider things disposable that many consider luxury items. "celebs, they're nothing like us!" one person replied.

Chrissy returned to the platform a few hours later, took one look at her mentions, and realized she'd screwed up. She explained that she was trying to make a joke about the fact that AirPods with cords are just headphones. Of course, that wasn't the part of the tweet that set people off. "...it came across as super tone deaf and icky," she admitted, concluding, "I'm sorry and I will do better to not be such an a**hole."

Her joke about Megan Thee Stallion needed to be worked on

In July 2020, Megan Thee Stallion was shot in the foot by fellow rapper Torey Lanez during an argument in a car; he was charged after the incident. A mere eleven days later, this didn't appear to be on Chrissy Teigen's mind when she riffed on a joke from TV writer Nell Scovell, who tweeted, "I have a Charles Manson joke and it kills." Teigen quote-tweeted and added her own: "I have a megan thee stallion joke but it needs to be twerked on." According to PopBase, who shared screenshots of the since-deleted tweets, Teigen attempted to head off criticism, adding, "Before u start, I love her."

The clunky joke about needing "to be twerked on" didn't go over well with fans, considering Ms. Thee Stallion's then-recent encounter with an allegedly-abusive man. Teigen gave in and simultaneously doubled down, writing, "I'll delete because you guys are sooooo f***ing annoying. Just unfollow me you absolute tools." She then made her account private.

However, via Vulture, she ultimately apologized for her poor timing. "Making anyone feel reminded of a terrible time or letting you guys down sucks more than anything to me so I am sorry to Megan and anyone who thought this was about the incident at all," she wrote. "You'll say someone else wrote this or that I don't mean it and that's always the punishment for having said it in the first place so I'll take it."

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.

Chrissy Teigen sent horrible messages to Courtney Stodden

After years of managing to duck her controversies with frequent apologies, the Chrissy Teigen reckoning came in 2021 when the model announced she was leaving Twitter due to "negativity." She wrote and deleted (via Sky News), "For years I have taken so many small, 2-follower count punches that at this point, I am honestly deeply bruised."

Actor and socialite Courtney Stodden called Teigen out as a hypocrite after her announcement. Stodden pointed out that Teigen had been viciously mean to them in the past, telling them to kill themself when they were just a minor. A TMZ roundup of tweets included Teigen writing things to the youngster like, "my Friday fantasy: you. dirt nap. mmmmmm baby."

When social media went nuclear over Stodden's receipts proving Teigen's abysmal behavior, Teigen returned to apologize for her actions. "I'm mortified and sad at who I used to be. I was an insecure, attention seeking troll," she wrote, concluding, "I have tried to connect with Courtney privately but since I publicly fueled all this, I want to also publicly apologize. I'm so sorry, Courtney."

She popped back in a few months later to elaborate on her remorse, detailing the work she was doing to learn and grow. "There is simply no excuse for my past horrible tweets. My targets didn't deserve them. No one does," she wrote in a long Medium post.

If you or a loved one has experienced a hate crime, contact the VictimConnect Hotline by phone at 1-855-4-VICTIM or by chat for more information or assistance in locating services to help. If you or a loved one are in immediate danger, call 911.

She also made amends privately

Though Chrissy Teigen apologized to Courtney Stodden, she declined to name the multiple other Twitter feuds she got in around the same time. In her Medium post outlining the steps she had taken to learn and grow from the public backlash, she said that she was instead reaching out privately to some of her other targets. With that in mind, here is a non-comprehensive rundown of who those private apologies might have gone to!

During Amanda Bynes' tumultuous 2013, Teigen wrote (via Us Weekly), "The fact that Amanda Bynes has any 'support' to retweet is really unsettling. Support people with mental illness, yes. But don't condone/enable scary and poor behavior." (Bynes shot back, "I think you're jealous that you're just an ugly model who's career is uninspiring!")

"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham told TMZ that she was waiting on her own personal apology for that time Teigen tweeted that she was "a whore." Teigen also feuded with "Saw" screenwriter Leigh Whannell after she tweeted something derogatory about his former co-writer James Wan's film "The Conjuring." When Whannell defended his friend, Teigen wrote, "I've never had a face to match the word 'prick' to so accurately."

Finally, she mocked Lindsay Lohan for her struggles with self-harm, writing (via The Sun), "Lindsay adds a few more slits to her wrists when she sees Emma Stone." "Now, confronted with some of the things that I said, I cringe to my core," Teigen told her fans after the backlash.