How Candace Cameron Bure Is Handling The Speculation Surrounding Bob Saget's Death

Bob Saget's death continues to generate headlines. The "Full House" actor died on January 9 in Orlando, Florida while he was on his stand-up comedy tour. In the month following his death, Orange County Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Stephany revealed that Saget died from "blunt head trauma," which was caused "from an unwitnessed fall," according to a statement obtained by Deadline.

However, the circumstances into how Saget managed to injure himself has become a topic of discussion in light of his autopsy report, which says that he suffered "several skull fractures" that medical professionals noted would've been caused by falling from "a considerable height" or from getting "thrown from their seat in a car crash," per The New York Times. The speculation online has prompted Saget's wife, Kelly Rizzo, and their three daughters — Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer Saget — to sue the Orange County Sheriff and the Medical Examiner's Office to keep the investigation into his death confidential, per People. They requested an injunction to stop any evidence — photos, audio and video recordings, and reports from being made public to which a judge temporarily agreed to on February 15, according to USA Today.

With the case currently ongoing, Candace Cameron Bure — who starred with Saget on "Full House" and its reboot — is revealing how she feels about the speculation surrounding her former co-star's death.

Candace Cameron Bure wants to focus on how 'amazing' Bob Saget was

While appearing on "Fox and Friends" on February 16, Candace Cameron Bure spoke out about how she feels about the investigation into Bob Saget's death. She said the latest developments into the circumstances of how Saget died have been tough for her to process. "It's been difficult, these past couple of weeks, because of more things that have come out. And there's a lot of questions," Bure said on "Fox and Friends" (via Daily Mail).

The actor added that she has been "trying honestly not to think about" the new developments, instead preferring to remember Saget as the "kind and loving and amazing person that he was." Later on in the show, Bure reflected on her time with Saget on "Full House," noting that the comedian exuded warmth and humility on set. "Every text, every phone call, every moment in person, he would give you the biggest hug. And he always let you know how much he cared about you," she said, adding that Saget was "so emotionally available."

While Bure and Saget were close friends, it didn't mean they didn't have their arguments. Bure revealed to Today that Saget apologized to her in one of his final texts after they argued about a missed dinner date.