Pete Davidson Is Back On Instagram And Kanye West Is Already On Top Of It

Kanye "Ye" West has been heavily active on social media with one surprise move after another in his ongoing feud with Kim Kardashian. However, the rapper did admit regretting how he treated Kim after he posted screenshots of their text conversation for the world to see. Ye has also been targeting Kim's boyfriend Pete Davidson by mocking and bullying him with now-deleted Instagram posts and even sending disturbing messages to the "Saturday Night Live" star. 

Despite all the online drama, Page Six says that Kim and Davidson are tuning out all of the noise and that Ye's efforts to win her back are "actually bringing Pete and Kim closer together." That, and Kim "is worried about how all of these things that are being played out so publicly on Kanye's end will affect their kids in the future and feels that any issues should be resolved privately." 

While Kim is trying to move on from her marriage, Ye's latest move proves once again that he just can't let go of her — or Davidson, for that matter.

Kanye West is following Pete Davidson on Instagram now

Back in December 2018, Pete Davidson deleted his Instagram account after a troubling post had fans concerned about his mental health, according to Rolling Stone. That's because he said that he "didn't want to be here anymore." However, in a follow-up post, Davidson clarified that everything was okay in his life, adding, "Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is f***ing lit. The fact that I even have to say this proves my point," according to CNN

Fast-forward almost three years later and Davidson has a new girlfriend in Kim Kardashian, a new Instagram account, and a new follower by the name of Kanye 'Ye" West. According to Page Six, Ye was one of the first to follow Kim's boyfriend on his new account. The rapper posted a now-deleted Instagram post of a screenshot of Davidson's account and captioned it with "FOLLOWED." Seeing how Davidson quit the social media platform a few years back because of all the negativity it brought to his life, we have a feeling that his new account won't last very long, either.