Daniel Craig Confirms What We Suspected About Queen Elizabeth's Personality

Daniel Craig faced big expectations when he was cast to portray James Bond. The iconic British secret agent first created by novelist Ian Fleming went on to become a classic cinematic character, starting with the first actor to play the role, the late Sean Connery. Decades later, Craig stepped in to bring Bond in the modern era. Craig wrapped up his career as Bond with the 2021 film "No Time to Die." After a lengthy release delay from the pandemic, fans finally got to see the thrilling conclusion of Craig's contribution to the series. "The whole thing is so surreal in so many ways," Craig explained on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

Craig has been open about his experiences with co-stars, like Lashana Lynch who played another secret agent in "No Time to Die" alongside Bond. "She's a consummate, brilliant professional actor," Craig told GamesRadar. As for Craig's personality while filming, his "Knives Out" co-star Noah Segan revealed Craig "makes a really good espresso martini," per Us Weekly.

Another person who is arguably more responsible for the safety of the United Kingdom than Bond is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Yet, despite being one of the most public figures in the world, her actual personality often remains secretive. In fact, only those in her inner circle may have an idea of the real person underneath the crown. Fortunately for Craig, he had a chance to co-star with her and find out what the queen is really like in person.

The Queen has a sense of humor

When London hosted the 2012 Olympics, the international competition wanted to highlight some of the best aspects of the host city. Aside from perhaps Harry Potter, the most well-known fictional character in England may be James Bond. As for non-fictional people in London, none is more famous and prestigious than the queen. So, the two united for an Olympics promotional video. The short clip gives viewers a peek inside the queen's royal residence, Buckingham Palace. Craig, portraying Bond, joins the queen for a helicopter ride across London's skyline before the two fictionally jump out and paraglide into the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Years later, the actor talked about what it was like behind the scenes on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

When the host asked Craig what the queen was like in real life, the actor explained, "Very funny. Wants to crack a joke and cracked a joke about me." According to Craig, in the middle of a photo session with the queen, she said of the actor, "Oh no! He's the one that doesn't smile." All Craig could think of was, "Fair enough." The actor also said he had a chance to "roll around on the floor" with the queen's cute Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

For his contribution to the James Bond character, Queen Elizabeth awarded Craig the Order of St Michael and St George, or CMG for short. In a cool connection, the same honor was presented to Bond in Fleming's universe.