Shanna Moakler Seemingly Changes Her Tune On Lamar Odom

"Celebrity Big Brother" housemates Shanna Moakler and Lamar Odom had a connection before joining the reality show. Both had strong ties to the Kardashians through their ex-spouses, as Lamar was married to Khloé Kardashian, and Shanna's ex-husband Travis Barker is engaged to Kourtney Kardashian.

Besides the shared link through their exes, Shanna made headlines in 2009 when she referred to Khloé as a "donkey," while appearing on "The Wendy Williams Show." Going into "Big Brother," Shanna hoped to know Lamar outside their shared Kardashian connections. "I just wanted to know [Lamar] organically ... and just base him off of who they are as a person and not by stuff in the media," she told Us Weekly on February 16 after being voted out of the household. "He was always just a nice person to me," she said about her relationship with Lamar. That relationship led to friction with her boyfriend.

Shanna and Lamar hit it off while on "CBB," and the duo often exchanged flirty innuendos with each other. Those flirtations were caught by Shanna's boyfriend Matthew Rondeau, who was hurt to see his girlfriend openly flirt with another man on television. "Matthew understands Shanna's on a reality show, but he feels boundaries are being crossed," a source told TMZ while she was still on the reality show. Reportedly, Shanna and Matthew even unfollowed each other on Instagram. Once Shanna left the "CBB" household, she opened up more about her relationship with Lamar.

Shanna Moakler is focused on her boyfriend

After being voted out of the "Celebrity Big Brother" household, Shanna Moakler was asked about her time with Lamar Odom. Although she never shied away from flirting with the former Los Angeles Laker when together, Shanna had no interest in pursuing any sort of relationship with Lamar outside the "Big Brother" house, per TMZ. The "Meet the Barkers" alum realized how her on-camera flirting appeared to her boyfriend Matthew Rondeau and understood why he would be upset. "The last thing she ever wanted was to hurt the one person who has been by her side through thick and thin," TMZ reported.

Reconnecting with Matthew in the wake of the Lamar drama was Shanna's top priority after leaving the hit CBS reality show. "I haven't seen all the headlines or social media so I'm not 100% what's going on but, yes, he's the first person I got to see and it was amazing," she told TooFab on February 16. Even though it was previously reported that seeing Shanna flirt with another man made Matthew reconsider proposing, per TMZ, the couple planned to stay together. "We're working on things and just moving forward the best that we can," she told TooFab.

Despite Lamar's on-camera flirtations with Shanna, his heart apparently still belongs to Khloé Kardashian. "He definitely talked about his love still for Khloé and I thought that was nice," she told TooFab in a separate February 16 report. Lamar made it clear on the show that he hoped to one day reconnect with his ex-wife.