All But One Kardashian Family Member Just Unfollowed Kanye West On Social Media

Sticking together? For the Kardashian crew, it seems that's just what they are trying to do, as all of them have unfollowed Kayne "Ye" West on social media — except for one family member.

As Ye has continued his social media tirades against Kim, their family, and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson, Kim has cut the cord on following the rapper online, signaling she's done with Ye, per US Weekly. Since filing for divorce in 2021, the two have had a messy split. Despite both of them going their separate ways and finding new relationships — though Ye and Julia Fox recently split — that hasn't stopped Ye from trying to win his ex back. 

However, the way Ye has been going about getting the SKIMS founder back has been less than traditional. In fact, he has been taking it all out on Davidson, repeatedly posting threatening photos online and mentioning Davidson in the captions. Ye's social media outburst have even caused Kim to step in and encourage Ye to stop his online abuse, claiming these posts could incite violence and hurt Davidson, according to HuffPost. Though Ye posted online saying no one should hurt Davidson, that has not stopped the rapper from harassing the "Saturday Night Live" star on social media himself. But now, the Kardashian crew is letting Ye know enough is enough with their swift unfollows. That is, except for one family member who has not hit that button just yet.

Kris Jenner still follows Kanye 'Ye' West on social media

Taking to social media on February 17, Kim Kardashian let her actions speak for themselves when she officially unfollowed Kanye "Ye" West on Instagram. And it didn't take long for the rest of Kim's family to follow suit — except for Kris Jenner, who still follows Ye online, per The Sun.

The family's move to unfollow Ye comes at an interesting time, as the day before the unfollow train left the metaphorical station, Pete Davidson rejoined Instagram after four years away, according to People. And it didn't take long for Ye to notice the "SNL" actor's appearance on the app and call him out over Davidson's past jokes regarding mental health. In a now-deleted post, Ye took to Instagram to post a 2018 video of Davidson on "SNL" where he says, "There's no shame in the medicine game. Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jack***." Captioning the clip, Ye wrote online, "HI SKETE YOU GOT ANYMORE MENTAL HEALTH JOKES FOR ME?" according to US Weekly.

It seems this was one of the final straws and now the Kardashians are distancing themselves from Ye's drama. And knowing how tight-knit they are, we think it won't be long before momager Kris also hits that unfollow button on Ye — especially since he just started bringing Kris' boyfriend Corey Gamble into the mix