Bethenny Frankel's Thoughts On Airplane Cleanliness Have Twitter Divided

"The Real Housewives of New York City" alum Bethenny Frankel is known for having a strong opinion and always making it known, whether you like it or not. On "RHONY," she was never afraid to speak her mind. Since leaving the Bravo franchise in 2019, one of her main mediums to vent is to her over 1.5 million followers on her Twitter. And she has blasted her opinions on a variety of topics, like the positives of being alone on Thanksgiving and "The Real Housewives of New Jersey's" Teresa Giudice's decision to not get a prenup with her new fiance.

Recently, Bethenny has been traveling more, probably due to her always-busy schedule between her CEO role at Skinnygirl and her new show, "The Big Shot with Bethenny." She had a terrible experience on one of her flights and, of course, took to her Twitter to rant about it and get her fans' opinions on the situation.

Inside Bethenny Frankel's airline nightmare

So, what had Bethenny Frankel so pressed? Well, on February 18, Bethenny tweeted that she boarded a plane and found that her seat and wall next to her seat was covered in "sticky red wine." She hypothetically asked her followers if she should be the one to clean it or if the airline should do it. This set off a big debate on whose responsibility it is to properly clean the mess.

Some people said that Bethenny should clean it because flight attendants are often overworked and Bethenny shouldn't add yet another thing to their plates. And it's true, flight attendants have threatened to go on strike because of the bad working conditions after COVID. But many fans came to her defense, with one fan responding, "They are supposed to sanitize and clean whole plane between flights (normal PLUS part of COVID protocols)....makes you wonder how good a job they did!"

Bethenny then revealed that when this actually happened to her, the flight attendants gave her wipes to clean it up and she was "praying it was red wine & not DNA evidence!" Hopefully, Bethenny won't have to deal with whatever airline made her clean up this mess anymore, even when she wasn't the one who made it.