Morgan Stewart And Jordan McGraw Have Big News To Share

Morgan Stewart and Jordan McGraw have an exciting update on their life as parents.

It wasn't long ago that the couple welcomed their first child, Row. In February 2021, Stewart took to Instagram to share just how elated she was that she had given birth to their baby girl. "Row Renggli McGraw just wanted me to quickly update you guys that after 30 hours, 27 apple juices and 16 pushes later she decided to join our party!" she wrote. "And she's definitely the coolest girl I've ever met." Little did the two know that only five months later, they would already be anticipating the birth of their second child.

Stewart admitted that her second pregnancy came as a shock because, in June 2021, she found out that she had thyrotoxicosis. "I don't think a pregnancy is ever a total surprise, but in my case it was pretty surprising considering I had all those thyroid issues. But we also knew what we were doing. So, it was both," she said on "Necessary Surprise," per People. "I was also very fortunate; I always said I wanted to have babies really close together to get it done. Because if I would have stopped now and waited three years, there's no f***ing way I would have gotten back on that pregnancy train." And now, over the weekend, she finally gave birth to their new bundle of joy.

Morgan Stewart and Jordan McGraw welcomed their second child

Morgan Stewart and Jordan McGraw are now a family of four. On February 20, the E! host announced that she had given birth to a baby boy.

"GREY OLIVER MCGRAW," she shared, along with a photo of her cradling the baby on a hospital bed. "He joined us exactly one year and a day after his big sister and we are so in love." Now that they have two kids to care for, the real challenge begins. Stewart previously admitted that she's terrified of being a mom of two. "I'm like, holy effing f***," she shared on E! News' "Daily Pop." "How am I going to have two human beings that I'm going to be responsible for?!" Luckily, her husband is ever so supportive. She said that he has "been wonderful" throughout the whole experience.

And while the couple couldn't be more happy that their family is growing, Steward said that Grey would be their last child. "Honestly, there is a big part of me that feels like I'm going to feel very complete and very excited and feel like, okay, we get to put this chapter behind us," she said on the show. "'Cause I'm not the person that's gonna have the third surprise kid. Everyone is, like, 'I'm just doing two!' and then three years later, it's like, 'Oh, I'm going to have a third.' This is it for us. We're definitely not doing another one."