The Untold Truth Of Morgan Stewart

Morgan Stewart found her way into the limelight when E! launched Rich Kids of Beverly Hills in 2014. While some reality TV shows can be very deceiving when it comes to aggrandizing its stars who, in reality, turn out to be worth way less than people assume, the cable network followed a counter approach. This popular television series focuses on the fancy lifestyles of several twenty-somethings in Los Angeles, including blonde firecracker Stewart. 

Known for her style aesthetic, animated personality, and being the daughter of parents with wealth most people can only dream of, Stewart has since leveraged this starring turn into a multi-faceted career, which has included landing several hosting gigs, blogging opportunities, and the creation of her own athleisure brand. Meanwhile, Stewart's personal life has been on constant public display since her on-screen debut alongside then-boyfriend and co-star Brendan Fitzpatrick ... so you can probably already guess the type of relationship hearsay that's made the tabloid rounds over the years. Whether you're a #RichKids fan or simply want to scream in jealousy over someone being gifted with such a vast fortune, we bring you the untold truth of Morgan Stewart.

Morgan Stewart was an OG rich kid of Beverly Hills

Ever wonder how Morgan Stewart found her way onto the small screen? Well, we've got your answers. While speaking with AOL in 2016, the reality TV starlet revealed that a casting director had sought out her friend — and daughter of billionaire Roger Wang – Dorothy Wang with an idea to create a reality TV show based on her lifestyle. "They said, 'Bring your friends,'" Stewart explained. "... And so her and I did a tape and then six weeks later we had a show."

Stewart elaborated on this story during an interview on the In the Chair with Justin Anderson podcast in June 2019. "It wasn't like E! called ... and said, 'Hey listen, we're doing a show called Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. We'd like you guys to be the people on it,'" she told the celebrity hair colorist and host. "We went in for a separate casting having to do with none of this ... The casting director said, 'Forget this ... There's something here with you guys as a group of friends.'" When Stewart and Wang signed their TV deal, the show only had the working title: The Dorothy and Morgan Project Untitled.

We're glad the casting director saw something special, because Stewart quickly became a fan favorite, according to Bustle, thanks to a combination of beauty, clever comebacks, and expertise in the occasional, if you can believe it, televised drama.

Breaking news: Stewart's parents are outrageously wealthy

Morgan Stewart was born in 1988, presumably with a silver Ercuis spoon in hand. Her father, Herb Stewart, is the founder and president of H Construct, Inc., a wildly successful construction firm that has focused on remodeling high-end buildings throughout the Beverly Hills area. Basically, it sounds as if the man has a crazy amount of money. As for the reality TV star's mother? Bustle once quoted Stewart as saying, "My mom puts up with me and that's pretty much been her job." 

Of course, it must be nice to have a seemingly endless supply of cash from one's parents on hand, but more importantly, Stewart has often spoken fondly of her family. "I'm very fortunate," she said on Justin Anderson's podcast. "I had two parents that were married and loved each other." Recalling nightly family dinners and European summer vacations, she added, "Everything I ever needed, I had." That said, Stewart admittedly had a more difficult conversation with mom and dad when her first television effort had "rich kids" in the name. "Nobody was thrilled, let's just say that," she revealed, but luckily added, "I think we were all surprised, it ended up being a very likable show." 

We suppose it doesn't really matter either way, because this "rich kid" of Beverly Hills has since accumulated an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Morgan Stewart landed some major hosting gigs on E!

After building her reputation as a sharp-tongued, quick-witted, and stylish personality on the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Morgan Stewart became a contributor and host on four different E! Network series: Daily PopNightly PopNecessary Realness, and What the Fashion. With all of these on-air platforms, she's able to practice daily what fans of the reality TV show loved so much about her and, indeed, what made Stewart a star in the first place: a no-restraint, no-filter approach to fashion and celebrity commentary.

Looking back, this progression from reality television to entertainment industry interpretation makes total sense — partly because Stewart once confirmed that this was her plan all along. During her In the Chair with Justin Anderson interview, she explained, "I always took [Rich Kids of Beverly Hills] very seriously, because I had greater aspirations for myself." Citing Chelsea Handler and Joan Rivers as her idols due to their work ethic, Stewart went on, "I knew that this is what I was gonna do. I said it, I manifested it my whole life ... I wanna have my own nighttime talk show."

Justin Bieber is not a fan of Morgan Stewart

Poor Justin Bieber ... has anyone not criticized the pop star? In April 2019, the Biebs made a surprise reappearance with a rendition of "Sorry" during Ariana Grande's Coachella set, where he notably performed live for the first time in two years. According to People, the Nightly Pop team later evaluated his allegedly lip-synced performance, with one Morgan Stewart saying, "I did not realize it was going to be that bad. He definitely looks like he put an Oxy pad on that forehead." Yikes.

The Canadian superstar quickly caught wind of the comments and called the celeb commentator out for "laughing at other [people's] expense" and belittling others in a series of tweets. "When are we gonna be the kind of people that find joy in adding value to one another," Bieber concluded. "And not tearing each other apart." Meanwhile, Grande fully supported Bieber by posting her own thoughts on Twitter. "People look so ugly when they talk about other people like this, it's crazy," the songstress tweeted in part, adding, "HOW do people watch s**t like this lmao."

Are you Team Bieber or Team Stewart on this one?

Morgan Stewart married her co-star

Morgan Stewart and co-star Brendan Fitzpatrick were already a couple long before the premiere of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Fans may remember that, no matter how escalated a situation became, Fitzpatrick's main role on the show was as the more subdued half to Stewart's gossipy presence. A prime example? This signature Stewart meltdown during an anniversary dinner with Fitzpatrick and the rest of her co-stars, where she seemingly channeled The Hulk.

Despite all of these highs and lows on reality TV, the couple stayed together and the show's final season focused heavily on Stewart and Fitzpatrick's wedding planning — but we'll leave it to you to guess which one had the most opinions on the event. The longtime celeb pairing celebrated their nuptials in May 2016 in an extravagant wedding ceremony, which was shown during the series finale. After Rich Kids of Beverly Hills ended, all signs pointed toward the newlyweds sharing a happy life together. Unfortunately, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for the married pair, but more on this below...

Did Stewart share an 'inappropriate relationship' with her boss?

In March 2019, Morgan Stewart found herself at the center of a shocking story about her former boss, NBC Universal executive Bryce Kristensen. According to multiple sources cited by Page Six, the two coworkers allegedly shared an inappropriate office relationship, which reportedly included flirting, physical contact, and social media banter. The tricky part about this report, however, is that some of these insiders shared conflicting information, including unsubstantiated rumors on whether or not Stewart and Kristensen allegedly coordinated hotel stays. However, amid the #MeToo movement, multiple employees reportedly alerted the human resources department of this alleged behavior, which in turn may have launched an internal investigation. 

Both parties have since denied any wrongdoing. "Morgan and I have been friends and colleagues for years, and nothing more than that," Kristensen stated to Page Six. Meanwhile, Stewart told the publication, "Bryce and I have known each other since the beginning of my career and have been nothing more than friends and colleagues." Calling the scenarios in question "hurtful rumors and innuendo," she added, "As for Brendan and I, we remain happily married."

The truth behind Morgan Stewart's separation

Only a few months after the allegations surrounding Bryce Kristensen and Morgan Stewart broke, she and Brendan Fitzpatrick were hit with ongoing rumors of marital trouble. According to sources cited by Page Six in June 2019, Fitzpatrick reportedly revealed to his coworkers that he intended to split up with Stewart as a result of the Kristensen story. Meanwhile, another wannabe modern Sherlock Holmes pointed to apparent changes in the pair's social media presence — i.e. failing to wish one another a happy birthday or anniversary — as evidence. 

Fitzpatrick, who was later seen without his wedding ring in an Instagram post, denied the claims. And while Stewart remained uncharacteristically mum on the reported matter for months, she broke her silence in early August 2019 with a sad announcement. "Brendan and I have spent six wonderful years together, but we have made the difficult decision to go our separate ways," she wrote in part on her Instagram story (via People). "I wanted to take the time to clarify that our reason for separating has nothing to do with anything other than two people who sadly grew apart, deciding what's best for themselves in the next phase of their lives."

People seem to love Stewart's fashion sense

Before getting her start on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Morgan Stewart documented her extravagant lifestyle on her Boobs & Loubs blog — how very 2010! So, why this name? Glad you asked. "My blog is a perfect representation of me," the reality TV star explained during the show's pilot episode, according to The Cut. In reference to her obsession with a certain high-end French shoe brand, Stewart added, "I have very large boobs and a very large collection of Louboutins." A later episode of the series showed Stewart at a launch party for the blog, where yes, she cried.

The original iteration of her website was more of a diary with random quips and photos. However, it's since inactive and Stewart has taken her extensive knowledge of designer clothing with her during her transition to co-hosting celebrity commentary programs on E! and through digital mediums like Instagram.

So, this boss lady started her very own clothing line

In 2017, Morgan Stewart teamed up with the fashion startup incubator Touché LA (later rebranded as LA Collective) to start her own collection — and thus, TLA by Morgan Stewart was born. This athleisure brand and its signature bright colors quickly became a success for the store, with different publications like Shape and Women's Health featuring the clothing line. However, Us Weekly reports that things really took off once celebs like Khloé Kardashian and Gigi Hadid were spotted in TLA by Morgan Stewart.

While speaking on the podcast, In The Chair with Justin Anderson, Stewart explained how her line, which was later renamed Morgan Stewart Sport, started out as a collaboration that was only supposed to last one season. Luckily for Stewart and her fans, the partnership continued. "When I started Morgan Stewart Sport, I didn't ever have an idea of what was gonna be successful," she went on to tell E! News. "I just wanted to do what I love, and I think that that's the most important thing, that if you're gonna put a product out to the world, it really has to sort of represent you the best that it can."

Morgan Stewart's older brother has struggled with mental illness

With the spotlight shining on Morgan Stewart throughout her four-year run on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, there was seldom any talk about her family apart from the occasional sighting or mention of her parents. That is, until she opened up about her older brother's struggle with mental illness to co-stars Dorothy Wang and Jonny Drubel during the cast's televised visit to China. 

Revealing that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 22 (when Stewart herself was 15), the reality TV star explained in a confessional, "He just became so withdrawn, he just didn't function. He didn't leave his room, and then eventually the voices started to kick in" (via E! News). At that point, Stewart's mother had him evaluated, which led to his diagnosis. She added that her brother ultimately moved from Los Angeles to Switzerland, which was thankfully "more of a suitable environment for him [to be] happier." However, an understandably emotional Stewart went on to admit that she had never really talked about the matter with anyone: "I think it affects me more than I even am in touch with."

Cheers to Stewart for using her platform to share such a difficult but important conversation about mental health.

Plastic surgery talk is so not taboo for this TV star

From the moment Morgan Stewart starred on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, she has remained uncensored about her opinions on — and history with – plastic surgery and other beauty practices. In 2016, for example, the television personality opened up about using lip fillers. Calling it an "insane" idea, she tweeted, "I'm realizing the less you f**k with yourself the better."

When Stewart joined Justin Anderson on his podcast three years later, the two had a lot to say on this topic — all while she was getting blonde highlights in her hair. "I am excruciatingly hard on myself," the reality star revealed. Noting that it could even be considered "borderline a little bit unhealthy," she added that this is actually one of the reasons why she's never gotten a nose job. "It's something that I really would potentially get happiness from, and something that I think would make me more comfortable," Stewart explained. "But then I'm like, you're just gonna be pretty and not try as hard to be funny?" You keep doing you, Morgan.

Was college just an expensive 'vacation' for Morgan Stewart?

Having grown up as the product of having rich parents, Morgan Stewart has always been completely honest about her privilege. "I don't have any of my own money," she told E! News just ahead of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills premiere. Explaining that she was trying to use her creative side to find an alternative path to say, medical school, Stewart revealed that her attempt at higher education — studying communications — quickly flamed out. "I called it my $150,000 vacation because I literally don't think I passed one class," Stewart said. "I moved to New York to do it to find myself and I literally only gained 30 pounds."

At the time of the premiere, all she really had to her name (besides lots of her parents' money) was her Boobs & Loubs fashion blog, which she later attempted to turn into a book called Boobs, Loubs, and Blowjobs. Since this 2016 book announcement, Stewart has kept quiet on her writing progress. However, this E! personality has remained busy between her television work and athleisure company, proving that there are many unique roads to take when building a successful showbiz career.

This couple totally annoyed Morgan Stewart

Never one to hold back, much of Morgan Stewart's career is built off of unpopular opinions that others may just be afraid to say. Take, for example, her thoughts on Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas — or, "Benana." According to US Weekly, the couple officially started dating by March of 2020 and quickly became the hottest couple in Hollywood amidst nationwide lockdowns. The two were regularly spotted during their "pap strolls" around the neighborhood, Slate reported. Actually, two neighborhoods — near Affleck's home in Brentwood and de Armas' in Venice.

While much of the world enjoyed the blooming romance, Stewart proudly disagreed. She does not ship Benana. "It always creeps me out a little bit when an A-list actor is doing D-list PR," she told In the Know. Stewart just couldn't find the reason why the couple needed all the publicity. "When you throw it down people's throats too much — if it's not organic — it backfires," she elaborated. We couldn't find any confirmation on this, but we're guessing Stewart wasn't exactly shocked or disappointed when Affleck and de Armas called it quits in January 2021.

Morgan Stewart and this famous son rekindled an old flame

Publicly dating can't be easy. And divorce? Even harder. So, you can imagine the difficulty of Morgan Stewart and her former husband splitting after their televised wedding on the E! series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Stewart later became a co-host on the celebrity variety show, Daily Pop. But seeing other celeb couples separate only rekindled her own difficult feelings after three years of marriage, which she openly shared on-air, E! News recapped. However, this spunky host doesn't give up that easily.

As reported by People, Stewart started dating a new man in early 2020: Jordan McGraw. What's more, he's another rich kid of Beverly Hills — though not a member of the E! series. Instead, this musician is the son of Phil McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil. Apparently, the two dated 10 years prior — long before Stewart's TV debut — but called it quits. "Then the past year we got back together. Isn't that cute?" Stewart gushed on Instagram Live (via People). She added about McGraw, "He was persistent and I was like, 'all right.'"

In spite of that admittedly lackluster reconciliation, something wonderful grew. Stewart and McGraw tied the knot in a surprise wedding in December 2020, and welcomed a baby, daughter Row Renggli, in February 2021.